Posted on April 29, 2019

An accomplished group from the largest applicant pool in Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q)’s history visited the campus with their families to learn more about the school’s programs and to meet with faculty, students, and alumni. The group of admitted students represents a record of 72 countries from around the world.

The event – Preview NU-Q – welcomed more than 100 students, with 32 flying in from 21 countries to attend the sessions. After hearing from NU-Q’s leaders and touring the campus, the group learned more about the Journalism and Strategic Communication and Communication programs, as well as the liberal arts program offered at NU-Q.

In addition, the students and their families also attended a session that introduced a variety of student research projects, which demonstrate NU-Q’s interdisciplinary curriculum, as well as a visit to the university’s in-house digital museum – The Media Majlis at Northwestern University in Qatar – that explores content on media, journalism, and communication. Everette E. Dennis, dean and CEO, noted that NU-Q is a place where “creativity takes place, ideas are formed, knowledge is gained, and research is conducted. At NU-Q you will find innovation labs, a Newsroom, studios, and all kinds of facilities, which is of a sense, only the beginning of what can happen here.” 

The diverse Class of 2023 brings together students who have demonstrated strong academic credentials, including valedictorians, presidents of their student bodies, student newspaper and yearbook editors, athletes, as well as future leaders and global entrepreneurs  – coming together to get their first glimpse of NU-Q. Speaking on what makes NU-Q a one-of-a-kind institution, Alex Schultes, director of admissions pointed out that it is “a unique place, one that unites knowledge, ideas, ambition, imagination, and a lot of hard work, and fuses it all together with one of the most engaging and dynamic city-states of our time.”

Sharing her expectations for what she hopes to gain from her studies at NU-Q, Noora Abdulaziz Al-Thani, who was among the group of students admitted to NU-Q’s Class of 2023, said that she applied because she knew that it would help her with her career as a writer and an author. “I know that NU-Q will aid me on my path to get there in the future,” she said. Mary Ann Kuriyan, an admitted student who traveled to Qatar from India, said: “I am looking forward to meeting new friends and getting to know people from the other side of the world.” Meanwhile, Ali Khalid Al-Thani, a media enthusiast who was also admitted to NU-Q, expressed his interest in sports news and hopes to land an internship with beIN Sports in his final year when Qatar hosts the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Almost a decade since NU-Q first opened its doors in 2008, the university has continued to grow from a group of 38 students to an enrollment of more than 300 for its undergraduate program. With almost 300 alumni, NU-Q’s graduates are making their mark in the region through careers at major media operations, as well as in government, law, and banking. Meanwhile, NU-Q graduates have also pursued higher education at top-ranked universitites in the United States and Europe including Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Northwestern, Cornell, and others.