Posted on November 08, 2019

The Police Training Institute of the Ministry of Interior has concluded a course on post-explosion investigation, with the participation of 30 officers from specialised departments of the ministry and the Lekhwiya force.

The two-week course, which included theoretical and practical exercises, aimed at providing participants with the knowledge and skills needed to conduct chemical tests on explosive materials and residues after the explosion at the targeted sites.

International training experts gave lectures that included a general definition of explosive materials in terms of their classification, properties and uses, as well as theoretical and laboratory analysis of various types of explosives, post-explosion investigations, how to manage the crime scene and general ideas about the concepts and principles of forensic medicine. Participants learned more about methods of studying cases, training on access to crime scenes, how to identify suspects, administering investigations and using the search network and using it to support investigations.

In recent years, the training plan of the Ministry of Interior has witnessed a major development, which is to support the practical side with practical scenarios in order to enhance the knowledge and refine the police skills of the Ministry's employees.