Posted on December 24, 2018

Qatar will start exporting foodstuff from 2019, an official from the Ministry of Municipalities and Environment said.

Dr Mohammed bin Saif Al Kuwari, Assistant Undersecretary at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment and Director of the Center for Environmental and Municipal Studies, told Al Arab newspaper in an interview that Qatar is witnessing high rate of self-sufficiency in food. Al Kuwari said that the Ministry's figures indicated that 2019 will see export of foodstuff like vegetables, dairy products, meat and poultry, adding that this is a great achievement for Qatar in light of the Gulf crisis affecting the region. "Qatar has managed to cultivate vegetables of all kinds, to double livestock and poultry numbers and to achieve high level of self-sufficiency in milk and dairy products, red meat and eggs," he added.

The ministry has managed 100% self-sufficiency in poultry sector. 98% in frozen poultry products and about 85% in dairy. These are excellent indicators of responsible development in a short time, both from Ministry and private sector, which played a large role in mitigating the illegal blockade. Since the outbreak of the blockade, the Department of Animal Wealth at the Ministry of Municipality and Environment has played an active role in providing the local market with sheep, poultry and other food products. The department also helped opening up new markets that have enabled to raise quality and reduce prices.

source: The Peninsula