Posted on October 19, 2016

Ooredoo has successfully launched the Ooredoo Media Network, a new solution aimed to provide national and international broadcasters with footage of unprecedented quality when they transmit video feeds in Qatar. Thanks to the solution,Ooredoo, in partnership with Eurovision, recently supported media coverage of the UCI Road World Championships.

Throughout the championships, Eurovision Production Coordination acted as Host Broadcaster for the event, and the Ooredoo Media Network delivered a key network component to connect broadcast locations around the championship courses to new ring architecture. In addition, together with the Eurovision FiNE Global Network, Ooredoo delivered dedicated circuits to international broadcasters. The Ooredoo Media Network is designed to carry HD video feeds and ensures zero jitter, ultra-low latencies and high availability for media outlets.

The network has the capacity to carry video traffic of up to 10Gbps from one location to the other, providing the highest quality coverage for live events. Ooredoo predicts strong demand for this solution, particularly as the number and profile of global sports competitions in Qatar continues to rise and international broadcasters compete to cover the action.

Yousuf Abdulla Al Kubaisi (pictured), COO of Ooredoo Qatar, said: “Ooredoo has developed the advanced Ooredoo Media Network to provide national and international broadcasters with world-class technology when they cover sporting events in Qatar. Our nation is set to host some of the world’s most important sports contests in the world, and Ooredoo will leverage the power of our Supernet to ensure that audiences around the world will be able to see every magnificent sporting moment.”

The solution provides a cost effective alternative for event coverage in Qatar, saving media outlets the need to lease outside broadcasting satellites and reducing the human and technical resources required to provide high definition broadcast coverage. As part of its role as the National Telecommunication Partner of the Road World Championships, The Ooredoo Media Network covered seven race sites including the Pearl, Aspire, Lusail, Qatar University and Qatar Foundation.

The 2016 UCI Road World Championship, which ran until 16 October 2016, was organised by the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI), and hosted around 1,500 riders from over 80 countries, and more than 5,700 participants from national federations, delegations, and media outlets.

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