Posted on December 10, 2014

Ooredoo has today announced their plans to launch “Mobile Academy”, the world’s first subscription-based mobile learning service, designed to unlock the potential of Qatar’s next generation workforce. The announcement of the upcoming Mobile Academy, which took place at ITU Telecom World, is another major breakthrough for Ooredoo, following its successful launches of 4G Plus (Advanced LTE) and a range of smart lifestyle services over the past week.

Once launched, the Mobile Academy will provide an “all-you-can-learn” experience, offering more than 50 different courses on a wide variety of subjects, from language learning to business skills. In comparison to traditional educational courses, which are at set times in on-campus classrooms, and with final deadlines for coursework, the cloud-based Mobile Academy will enable users to access educational material at any time on any mobile device from any location, and to complete coursework online at their own pace.

Ooredoo to launch world [].jpgDemonstrating how the people of Qatar are rapidly adopting mobile devices, from smartphones to tablets, Qatar ranks No. 17 in the world, and No. 3 in the Middle East and Africa, in active mobile broadband penetration, at 76.8 percent, according to the ITU’s State of Broadband 2014 report.

Waleed Al Sayed, Chief Operating Officer, Ooredoo Qatar said: “By launching Mobile Academy, we’re leveraging Qatar’s strong mobile device take-up to unlock human potential and enhance 21st century skills needed in the interconnected economy. We’re only starting to tap the potential of mobile services to transform daily lives – imagine learning a language with native speakers halfway around the world, or live-streaming business courses on your tablet.”

Illustrating the game-changing potential of Mobile Academy, the service recently won the “Best Consumer Service” award at the World Communication Awards 2014. The jury was so impressed with Mobile Academy that one member said the service would “positively impact national and global economics with new access to education”. The upcoming launch of Mobile Academy is line with the Qatar National Broadband Plan, which aims to expand digital literacy to the whole population by 2016, and Qatar National Vision 2030, which aims to train the next generation workforce in advancing the country’s sustainable knowledge-based economy.

Mobile Academy has the potential to boost the skills of Qatar’s public sector employees, with Qatar’s government agencies rapidly deploying mobile government and Smart City services, leading Qatar to ranking an impressive No. 44 in the world in the United Nations eGovernment Survey 2014. Supporting mobile broadband innovation, Ooredoo recently launched 4G+, making Ooredoo’s biggest and fastest-ever network even faster, and enhancing Qatar’s standing in having one of the world’s highest mobile broadband speeds.

Qatar’s advanced ICT infrastructure is supporting the rapid growth of the Internet of Things in the country – in which sensors embedded in everyday objects are connected to Wi-Fi networks, and generate vast amounts of data that can be analysed by mobile services like Mobile Academy.