Posted on January 04, 2017

Ooredoo reported strong demand for its Ooredoo Passport service from companies, due to a higher number of executive travelling from Qatar in December 2016.

Ooredoo has launched a number of new roaming options for businesses in 2016 that have helped swell this demand, including the introduction of the Ooredoo Monthly Passport for those travelling for longer periods. In addition, travel companies and Hamad International Airport are reporting a surge of travellers in the last weeks of December. This trend has been amplified by the overall growth in business travel – according to the ITB World Travel Trends Report 2015/2016, the Middle East market has the strongest growth in terms of outbound business travel, with a 9% increase in 2016.

Ooredoo’s Monthly Passport offers more data and minutes, and is designed for employees travelling outside of Qatar for more than seven days, or for business customers on Shahry who want a larger communications allowance when abroad. With the Monthly Passport, users enjoy 300 roaming minutes and 4GB of roaming mobile data, and an extra 4GB of roaming data in GCC, all for just QR 350. To ensure convenience, the Ooredoo Passport and Monthly Passport can be subscribed to at any time via SMS, the Ooredoo App, or through an Account Manager. Customers subscribing to the Weekly Ooredoo Passport can also use the Ooredoo App to top-up or renew the service on-the-go.

Due to the increase in business tourism and the growing demand for super-fast connections across the world, Ooredoo focused on an ambitious coverage strategy in 2016 and currently has an impressive list of 654 roaming partners, of which 60 are 4G compatible. This list includes some of the world’s biggest operators in destinations from Europe to Asia and beyond. For business executives traveling over the winter season, Ooredoo has reminded employees of the advantages of its weekly Ooredoo Passport, which provides 100 roaming minutes for receiving and making calls, 1GB of roaming mobile data, and an extra 1GB of roaming data in GCC for just QR 100.

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