Posted on April 11, 2016

Since the launch of its next generation Ooredoo tv service, Ooredoo has recorded an unprecedented surge in On-Demand content, as customers look to enjoy entertainment whenever and wherever they are in Qatar.

Ooredoo tv has become the fastest-growing television service in Qatar, and more and more customers are taking advantage of the service’s accessible content and huge On-Demand library, as it fits in with the customers’ busy and connected lifestyles. Yousuf Abdulla Al Kubaisi, Chief Operating Officer, Ooredoo Qatar, said: “With Ooredoo tv, accessing On-Demand content is now simpler than ever before due to the clear and fast user interface that enables our viewers to find and watch the content they love. We’ve seen very strong demand for the service since its launch, and thanks to Ooredoo tv, we’re also seeing a significant change in viewing habits across Qatar.”

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Ooredoo tv has been designed to provide viewers with unrivalled access to content from around the world. With the Ooredoo tv set top box, customers can watch movies, sports, news and more live and on demand, stream content from their tv, play games and download apps. Talking about the popularity of the new service, Kubaisi added: “Crucially the Ooredoo tv set top box gives customer full control over what they are watching, meaning it’s not just pause, rewind and record, but they can go back in time to watch shows already broadcast. On-Demand now goes beyond blockbuster movies and the latest TV series, it changes the way people watch channels.”

Ooredoo’s figures show that, in March, On-Demand content was streamed on Ooredoo tv 33 times more often than the previous month on its predecessor, Mozaic TV, and used 100 times more in terms of service usage. The company has also found that three times more subscribers use the Ooredoo tv app to select their content. The smart app functions as an advanced remote control, as well as a player to enable customers to view content on multiple screens. Ooredoo tv is available now via Ooredoo Shops and Starlink, TechnoBlue and Jumbo outlets. The service has no upfront charges, no equipment costs and no ongoing contracts.

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