Posted on November 17, 2016

The Career Development department at Bedaya Center for Entrepreneurship and Career Development (Bedaya Center), the joint initiative by Qatar Development Bank and Silatech, participated effectively at the recently held Qatar International Universities Fair (QIUF).The three-day event  witnessed the participation of 113 Universities during which the center’s Pavilion for Counseling and career guidance offered its services to all visitors of secondary schools, university students as well as post-graduate students.

On this occasion, Reema Fahad Al-Khater, Marketing Manager at Bedaya Center said:"Our participation this year is distinct at all levels, as we always strive to participate in such exhibitions to help students choose their academic path and future in line with their expectations. This year, Bedaya’s performance was impressive, as we were able to attract a good number students looking for guidance that would enable them to determine their choices and how best to implement them by attending the finest universities in the world.”

Bedaya services during the fair included providing computers to help students for taking online performance evaluation in both Arabic and English languages. This helped in discovering the student’s personality and identifying tendencies for the desired profession. Several specialized and qualified mentors as well as career advisors from Bedaya were present at the venue to deal with students' queries. In addition, reports were handed over to students immediately after conducting the evaluation, which was followed by a discussion of the report with one of the Bedaya advisors.

Speaking on the occasion, Ola Abdin, Career Development Manager at Bedaya Center said:" Through career guidance and career development, we at Bedaya seek to help students understand themselves and learn about their preferences, aptitudes and abilities. This will help them in choosing an appropriate career. Through QIUF, we were able to help students in identifying the majors appropriate for them in order to achieve their objectives and have a clear action plan for their future careers."

Shaikha Burshaid, career development advisor at Bedaya said:" During QIUF, we were able to assist and help students in choosing the right career decision which is compatible with their aptitudes and guide them to the best choices in order to increase the odds of success and progress. Our role at Bedaya was identified by helping students choose professions that are compatible with future aspirations."