Posted on July 07, 2014

Oxy Qatar received an award for “Excellence in Socio-Economic Contribution and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Activities” at Qatar’s 4th Annual Excellence in Sustainability Awards Ceremony. H.E. Dr. Mohamed Saleh Al Sada, Minister of Energy and Industry, and Managing Director of Qatar Petroleum, with H.E. Ahmad bin Amer Al-Hemaidi, Minister of Environment, presented the award to Oxy Qatar’s President and General Manager, Steve Kelly, on June 19.

The awards ceremony celebrated the conclusion of the annual Qatar Energy and Industry Sector Sustainability (QEISS) Programme and the official launch of Qatar's 2013 Energy and Industry Sustainability Report. This is an industry-wide initiative that analyses and summarizes the sustainable development and health, environment and safety (HES) performance of participating companies in Qatar on an annual basis. 

This year, 36 participating companies submitted reports on their sustainable development practices and performance, which were assessed and evaluated for Qatar’s Energy and Industry Sustainability Report. As a committed partner of Qatar Petroleum for more than 20 years, Oxy Qatar has submitted a Social Responsibility (SR) Report since the country’s reporting initiative began in 2010. This year is the first time that Oxy Qatar was recognized for best-in-class performance in CSR at the awards ceremony, coinciding with the launch of Oxy Qatar's first public SR Report.

Oxy Qatar wins award for excellence1[].jpg
Oxy Qatar's 2014 achievement reflects the enhanced impact of the business unit's SR Program since 2010, when a multi-functional SR Committee was formed to select and manage Oxy Qatar's SR initiatives. Oxy Qatar's SR Committee includes representatives from HES, SR, Human Resources, Public Relations, Finance and Legal, as a way to focus and integrate SR issues throughout Oxy Qatar. The SR Committee meets monthly to plan and implement the annual Social Responsibility Program, including selecting the initiatives that align with Oxy's long-term SR strategy, and assessing the progress of ongoing activities to ensure high value for the company and Oxy Qatar’s key stakeholders.

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