Posted on November 26, 2013

With its constant commitment to achieving and maintaining patient satisfaction, the pediatrics department at Hamad Medical Corporation’s Al Wakra Hospital caters to the medical needs of close to 300 children each day.

“We have doctors who are working around-the-clock in pediatric emergency and pediatric inpatient units and when the need arises we have a specialist and consultant who can come anytime,” said Dr. Khalil Salameh, Managing Consultant of the pediatric department. The pediatric department, which was opened in October 2011, has been subdivided into five units; the Pediatric Emergency Unit, Pediatric Inpatient Unit, Pediatric Short-Stay Unit, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and, starting from mid-December, the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. 

Each unit provides specialized medical care to children from birth to 14 years of age and is equipped with state-of-the-art monitors, respirators, ventilators and other diagnostic machines to aid in accurate diagnosis and treatment. This year the division saw approximately 80,000 children in the Pediatric Emergency Unit, 1,000 in the Pediatric Inpatient Unit, 350 in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and 450 in the Pediatric Short-Stay Unit.

Opened primarily to serve the growing communities of Al Wakra, Mesaieed and the surrounding Airport area, the division is trying to provide all resources needed to meet the requirements of the community.

Dr. Khalil Salameh, Managing Consultant of the pediatric department

“The division is staffed with a multicultural and diverse team of highly-trained physicians and nurses who can speak many languages, including Arabic, English, Hindi, Urdu, Malayalam and Tagalog,” Dr. Salameh said.

Dr. Salameh explains that it is very important to be able to communicate with the patient and their families. “When a young child comes to the hospital, sometimes they only cry and this is painful for his family, because they feel helpless. Our physicians and nurses know how to comfort them, make them feel welcomed and understand the value of reassuring them.”

Dr. Salameh also highlighted that as part of the division’s emphasis on creating the most comfortable environment for the child and his or her family, the patient rooms have been designed to assure increased privacy. “Each room is spacious, well lit and has either one or two beds to provide a home-like atmosphere for the child,” he said. A purpose-built playroom is also available for children to play and relax while at the hospital.

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