Posted on January 25, 2015

PAUL Bakery & Restaurant, known for its fine breads, has announced the launch of its latest gourmet Club Sandwich offerings. The latest offering will be available through  a selection of sandwiches throughout all outlets during the months of February and March.

Remaining true to its traditional style, PAUL’s recent selection has an option for both veg and non-veg diners. Whether you are veggie lover; chicken or seafood – the latest offering is here to please the discerning taste buds. The offerings include a chicken based ‘Club Poulet’, seafood based ‘Club Saumon Crabe’ and cheese based ‘Club Halloumi Légumes’. ‘Club Poulet’ is a simplistically refreshing combination of grilled chicken marinated in mustard and mayonnaise mixed with lettuce, pickles, avocado and tomatoes slices, in Pauls’ authentic white pain de mie bread.

PAUL introduces gourmet club 2 [].jpgThe ‘Club Saumon Crabe’ is a perfect blend of smoked salmon and crab sticks in lemon and fresh dill with cucumber, fresh tomatoes, fresh rocca leaves on cream cheese spread, in 6 cereals pain de mie bread. The all vegetarian, ‘Club Halloumi Légumes’ is a cheesy combination of grilled halloumi cheese with grilled vegetables marinated in balsamic vinegar pesto sauce, fresh tomatoes, fresh rocca leaves on olive spread, in 6 cereals pain de mie bread.

All the above dishes are served with mixed green salad and potato neuf on the side. Following the popularity of PAUL’s previous two menus, the cheese selection and the festive season selection, PAUL believes the new Club Sandwich selection will also be a hit amongst its customers. The French bakery and restaurant will continue to serve its customers with exclusive offerings throughout the year. Since 1889, PAUL Bakery & Restaurant has stayed true to the heritage of French rustic cooking and traditional baking, distinguishing itself for its fine breads baked in the bakeries which are in full view for the customers, and its wide selection of quality French casual dining dishes and mouthwatering desserts.PAUL introduces gourmet club 3 [].jpg