Posted on February 27, 2015
The National Health Insurance Company (Seha) asserted that it was finalizing the selection of a number of pharmacies in various areas to be included in their network of service providers and enable them to distribute medicines to citizens in accordance with the medical insurance system.
Seha stated that the selected pharmacies will be announced shortly, pointing out that selection was based on distribution over different regions, population density and proximity to clinics and health centers of Seha’s network of service providers. In their prompt response to some citizens’ complaints, Seha clarified that it had been decided to include this new services after receiving some complaints that some Seha network clinics and centers did not have pharmacies, which forced fully covered citizens to buy their medicines from commercial pharmacies at their own expense.
“Al Watan wa Al Muwatin” received complaints and criticism from citizens, which were communicated to Seha officials, that some Seha’s private clinics and small centers lacked pharmacies to dispense medicines to patients. Citizens stated that they had to pay, at their own expense, for the medicines they bought from commercial pharmacies although they were supposed to receive complete medical care and treatment free of charge in accordance with the medical insurance system.

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They pointed out that Seha was making great efforts to provide citizens with the best services but still there were gaps and shortcomings in transactions between fully covered and exempt citizens and some Seha approved clinics and centers, which do not help achieving the objectives behind the establishment of this company.
source: Al Watan