Posted on August 31, 2018

Primary health Care Corporation (PHCC) has introduced Lifestyle Clinics offering healthy-living support at five health centres across the country to expand availability of health promotion and disease prevention services. The Lifestyle Clinics being developed in the country features elements which contribute to an individual’s overall wellness of mind and body rather than just medical requirements. Such centres provide usual medical care as well as other facilities.

These clinics provide advanced services and encourages people to adopt healthy lifestyle to avoid diseases rather than just being treated, says Dr Anis Al Yafei, Rehabilitation Specialist at PHCC. Lifestyle clinics are available at five health centres which have wellness centres at Leabaib, Rawdat Al Khail and Umm Slal Muather and Alwajba. “Encouraging people to live a healthy lifestyle is a priority for PHCC. It aims at preventing and controlling lifestyle diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes and obesity among the population,” said Dr Al Yafei, in a video shared by PHCC on its social media accounts.

Services at Lifestyle Clinics allow with sport/recreational facilities (gym, swimming pool, massage rooms, steam and sauna) and where patients can do exercise sessions as part of their current treatment for many chronic diseases. “The Lifestyle Clinics by PHCC guide people to adopt a healthy life as well as provide access to facilities such as gym, swimming pool and spa,” said Dr Al Yafei. To avail services at Lifestyle Clinics a patient will be first assessed by a physician to ensure that the person meets with the requirements. “Getting a referral to the Lifestyle Clinics from a physician is mandatory. Patients will be referred to one of the five Lifestyle Clinics by doctors if there is a need to change their lifestyle and if it is safe for them to use the services available,” said Dr Al Yafei.

As part of the treatment plan at Lifestyle Clinics, patients will be monitored and reassessed every twelve weeks. Patients with conditions such as high risk cardiac conditions, uncontrolled diabetes , vestibular and respiratory conditions, injury or pain exacerbated by physical activity, uncontrolled epilepsy, pregnant women within six and eight weeks post delivery will not able to avail services at Lifestyle Clinics.

source: The Peninsula