Posted on February 16, 2016

The Maison Pierre Hermé Paris gave free reign to an exceptional artist, Nicolas Buffe, to imagine a unique universe that would be revealed across all of the Pierre Hermé Paris boutiques around the world throughout 2016.

Welcome to a magical universe!

Having Pierre Hermé’s work dialogue with that of Nicolas Buffe’s multifaceted and pluridisciplinary universes led to the creation of a series of drawings calling on ancestral myths, manga culture, as well as Renaissance and Baroque art. The Pierre Hermé x Nicolas Buffe association is unprecedented in scope though part of a tradition of having Pierre Hermé’s work dialogue with those of other artists. Whether they are painters, sculptors, musicians, perfume designers, architects, photographers, authors, graphic artists, poets or filmmakers, many artists have worked with the Maison Pierre Hermé Paris including Nicolas Vial, Soledad Bravi, Jean-Michel Duriez, Fabien Verschaere, Jean-Philippe Delhomme or Bernard Quentin. These partnerships highlight the originality of Pierre Hermé’s art and are a testament to the profound attachment to and respect for audacity at Pierre Hermé Paris.

Pierre Hermé Paris and Nicolas 2 [].jpg

At the Pierre Hermé Paris boutique in Qatar – 3 of the unique gift boxes will be launched in March 2016. And for the first time, this unique universe will not only be revealed on the boxes but on the chocolate bonbons themselves…

Paineiras (Pure Origin Brazilian dark chocolate ganache from the Paineiras Plantation, enrobed in dark chocolate) takes the form of Helios

Infiniment Vanille (Chocolate and vanilla (Tahiti, Mexico and Madagascar) ganache enrobed in dark chocolate) becomes Roxane

Ispahan (Chocolate and raspberry ganache, rose and litchi fruit paste, enrobed in dark chocolate) shines under the heart

Dulcezza (Corsican Maquis honey ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate) hides under the stars

Infiniment café Iapar Rouge du Brésil (Iapar Rouge du Brésil coffee ganache, enrobed in dark chocolate) is carried by Ichtyonef

Chuao (Pure Origin Chuao chocolate ganache with blackcurrant, dark chocolate) takes the form of Star

During this unprecedented collaboration, the experience does not end there…

Nicolas Buffe has also imagined unique installations to fully immerse the client upon arrival in boutique. A visit to the Pierre Hermé Paris Qatar boutique in Lagoona Mall will become even more an experience than ever with the artwork of Nicolas Buffe enveloping the Pierre Hermé Paris universe to create a unique ephemeral world – pushing the boundaries between art and pastry to a new level!