Posted on July 28, 2018

Prime Minister and Interior Minister H E Sheikh Abdullah bin Nasser bin Khalifa Al Thani met with a number of Qatari inventors and innovators.

During the meeting, the Prime Minister congratulated the talented Qataris for their achievements in different fields and for promoting the State of Qatar’s name in various international events. The Prime Minister stressed the state’s commitment to supporting talented young people in all fields, and the commitment to encourage them innovate even more in the future. He also wished the young people well and also wished them more scientific achievements in the future.

The reception has come within the framework of encouraging and supporting scientific innovations and the promotion of culture of science and invention among youth to create spaces for young inventors to achieve the vision of the country. It also comes within the framework of the government’s keenness to sponsor young inventors, and encourage them to partake in international events to achieve competition and acquire experiences.

Last April, six Qatari inventors participated in the Geneva International Exhibition for Innovation in which inventors from more than 40 countries around the world had participated. The State of Qatar, represented by Qatar Scientific Club (QSC) of the Ministry of Culture and Sports is continously encouraging Qatari youth to invent and take part in many regional and international innovation exhibitions. Qatari inventors made significant achievement at the 10th International Innovation Exhibition in Kuwait in last February wining seven medals competing with 130 innovators representing 39 countries.

Several names have won international recognition in this regard such as Mohammed Hassan Al Jafiri who invented interactive robot that provides innovative instructions for learning sign language for deaf children at an important stage of their development. As well a project designed to monitor the health status of workers at their work sites by inventor Rashid Al Mohannadi was widely appreciated abroad, another project won recognition is by inventor Saleh Safran who invented an electronic safety valve used to prevent gas leakage, in the event of a leak, the device automatically shuts off the source of gas.

The Qatari innovator Mohsen Hussein Al Shaikh and innovator Nasser Mohammed Al Marri invented movable homes supported by interior furniture. Qatari inventors have been able to deliver a message from Qatar to the whole world that Qatari youth are able to make a difference and gain advanced positions in major exhibitions, especially among inventors around the world, which is proof that Qatari innovations have found themselves a special place.

source: The Peninsula