Posted on December 01, 2013

Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS) has released the Monthly Producer Price Indices (PPIs) of the Industrial sector for July, August and September of the third Quarter (Q3) of 2013, along with the PPI for Q3, 2013. The Industrial sector covers Mining, Electricity & Water and Manufacturing.

An analysis of the price movement noticed between the two quarters of 2013 [quarter- on- quarter basis] and between Q3, 2013 & Q3, 2012 [year-on year basis] along with the changes seen in the three months of Q3, 2013, are presented in the following paragraphs.

Comparison between Q3, 2013 and Q2, 2013:

The PPI for Q3, 2013 stood at 168.6 showing an increase of 1.4% when compared to the PPI of the Q2, 2013. In the “Mining” group, the PPI increased by 1.4%, primarily due to the overall price increase of 1.4% seen in the crude oil and natural gas group. The increase of 2.4% in the PPI for the “Manufacturing” group is mainly explained by increasing prices reported in basic chemicals by 3.6%, refined petroleum products by 2.4%, and basic metals by 1%.

 On the other hand, price declines of 1% and 0.6% respectively were recorded in the Dairy products and Glass & glass products. The PPI for “Electricity & Water” showed a decrease of 0.7%, resulting from the combined effect of price decrease of 1.2%, seen in electricity and a price rise of 0.1% in water.

Comparison with the corresponding quarter (Q3) of 2012:

The year-on-year comparison in PPI of Q3 2013 over PPI of Q3 2012 shows arise of 1.6%. The “Mining” group PPI increased by 1.4%, primarily due to the overall price rise seen in crude oil and natural gas group by 1.4%.

 The “Manufacturing” group PPI showed an increase of 3.1% in Q3, 2013, when compared to the PPI of Q3, 2012. While increases were noticed in basic chemicals, refined petroleum products, and Glass & glass products by 5.6%, 4.4%, and 0.1% respectively; price declines were seen in: Basic metals by 8.8%, Dairy products by 1.7%, Grain mill products by 0.9% and Beverages by 0.4%.

The PPI for “Electricity & Water”, showed an increase of 2.7%, resulting from the combined effect of price rises seen in electricity and water by 2.8%, and 2.7% respectively. Further details on quarterly comparison of indices are available in Table (1) and figure (1) of the Press Release.


Comparison of PPIs between months (July, August and September):

August, 2013 / July, 2013:

PPI of August, 2013 over PPI of July, 2013 recorded a rise of 1.6%.  This rise is the result of 1.7% hike each seen in “Mining” and “Manufacturing” groups and a fall of 0.1%in Electricity & Water”.

*  September, 2013 / August, 2013

PPI of September, 2013 showed a rise of 1.7%, when compared to the index of previous month (August, 2013). This rise is the result of price hikes seen in “Mining” group by 1.7%; “Electricity & Water” by 2.2%; and “Manufacturing” group by 1.3%. Activity-wise details may be seen in the table (2), attached to this Press Release.

For more details about PPI (Definition, Compilation, methodology … etc.) please refer to Website: and QALM:

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