Posted on October 31, 2018

Partnering with The Strategic Center for Consulting & Technology (SCCT), Proline participated in Milipol Qatar 2018, the international event for homeland security and civil defense in the Middle East. The 12th edition will take place from 29 to 31 October.

Proline, leading Turkish technology company that provides solutions in the field of City Security Management Systems in Turkey as well as in North Africa, Middle East and Asia, is providing new solutions to secure the areas such as airports, ports, financial centers, consulate buildings, military zones and prisons where human traffic is intensive. Proline, which transformed and secured Doha's infrastructure with innovative Turkish engineering, provided its solution enhancing the security with high-tech products, and made Doha which will host 2022 FIFA World Cup turn into a city with the security level in accordance with “Smart and Safe Cities” criteria. The security solution, which includes security cameras, sensors and video analytical systems on over 200 km of fiber optic infrastructure, has been successfully delivered to Qatari authorities with intelligent software running at the command & control center.

SCCT is a non-profit organization that combines a wide range of expertise specialized in enhancing security and resilience capabilities for public and private organizations. The mission of SCCT is to provide safe, secure, smart and resilient services and solutions for sustainability of businesses, communities and cities to make the world a safer place. SCCT offers consultancy services, technological solutions, safe, secure, smart and resilience cities/communities solutions, command and control center architecture, research & development; and training&competency assurance programs.

Proline enhances Qatar’s potential 2 [].jpg

The software and solutions produced within the scope of this alliance in which Turkish and Qatari engineers collaborate in research & development process, will be offered to private sector and government institutions in many countries, starting from Qatar. The cooperation between Proline and SCCT will highlight the realistic goal of Proline, becoming a regional leader in Smart Cities field.

At Milipol 2018 and apart from Tala’a project, Proline will also present its project on IGA- Istanbul Grand Airport’s security by implementing state of the art technologies including intelligent fence, radar, biometric systems and thermal cameras. After undertaking the construction and 25 years operation of Istanbul’s new airport, IGA chose the Turkish technology company Proline as a result of a comprehensive evaluation process to ensure the security of the airport. The grand airport, which is expected to be one of the world's most important passenger traffic hubs, is planned to offer a capacity of up to 200 million passengers annually. Proline deployed smart security systems enabling to minimize potential risks, especially human sourced mistakes.

The event runs from October 29 through October 31 at the Doha Convention and Exhibition Centre.