Posted on August 19, 2013

QAPCO’s Summer Internship training program has once again proved to be a great success with 70 students from local and international universities visiting the petrochemical giant for an intensive 8 weeks training program. The program began in early June with a three day induction course designed to introduce the students to QAPCO and included Health & Safety training, orientation of the plant and issuing of personal protection equipment.

As a true learning organization, QAPCO is proud to offer both Qatari and Expatriate students an opportunity to experience at first hand the excitement of working in a modern petrochemical plant and have engaged them in hands-on training that has given them a practical work-based insight into the academic theory they are currently studying at University and College. Plus it will help to prepare them for the growing opportunities both in QAPCO and in the Oil & Gas Industry in Qatar.

Dr. Mohamed Yousef Al Mulla, QAPCO’s VC&CEO, described the Internship program as critical to a student’s development saying “Internships offer learning experiences that are different to the theory learnt in the classroom and can help the student gain a good understanding of the Industry. It will also enhance the student’s academic and career goals connecting academic experience with the professional world of work.”

Dr. Al Mulla continued “QAPCO’s economic growth depends on recruiting the best and the brightest graduates. That’s why we’re focusing significant energy on showing our students the tremendous opportunities QAPCO has to offer after they finish their studies. This program also shines a spotlight on the critical role internships play not only in our Qatarization Strategy but in the strategic Qatarization goals of the country. I believe that the excellent approach to developing the technical knowledge and skills of students currently offered in our Universities and Colleges is one of our countries greatest assets, and gives the State of Qatar and QAPCO a significant competitive advantage that strengthens our connection between the enormous talent in our colleges and universities.”

Mr. Abdulla Ahmed Naji, QAPCO’s Learning and Development Manager supported Dr. Mulla stating “I am proud of what has been accomplished this year with the QAPCO Summer Internship program as it allows students to gain valuable exposure to the workplace, provides the opportunity for skills development, networking with professionals and gives us a competitive edge in the local job market. This year 70 Internship students successfully completed the program, with 25 Qatari students including 10 from Qatar Independent Technical School, 9 from Community College Qatar, 4 from Al Awsaj Academy and 2 from Qatar University. Of the 70 students 53 were Technical students which emphasizes our commitment to recruit the best technical graduates in Qatar. We also welcomed 15 students from International Universities with 5 from a special agreement with Qatar University.”

Mr. Abdulla Ahmed Naji continued “What makes the Internship program in QAPCO special is that it focuses on fulfilling three major aspects; education, practical knowledge and leadership skills. The leadership side is a crucial element in the future of young engineers as critical decisions have to be made when leading a team. To achieve this, the Internship students have been working everyday with different professionals within the Company in order to show the real life work flow between different disciplines and teams. Furthermore, in some cases daily Operation and troubleshooting meetings of different topics were also attended by the Internship students, where Leadership and communication skills were addressed.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my colleagues in QAPCO for supporting the Learning & Development (L&D) Department with this program. It demonstrates once again that we are a great team and able to work together to promote QAPCO to the local Education community – mabrouk to all.”

One of the Summer Internship students, Mr. Dean Gordon, an Engineering student from Heriot Watts University in the UK, described his time in QAPCO as “A truly wonderful experience – one I will never forget.” Dean wished to thank all at QAPCO especially Dr. Al Mulla, Mr. Naji and his L&D team and Mr. Ahmad Jamali, Maintenance Manager for allowing him to visit the company saying “The QAPCO Summer Internship program is a world class program and has allowed me to learn aspects of engineering that I would never learn in the classroom. It was really well organized and has opened my eyes to what is expected from an engineer. I recommend this program to all students – it was just great.”

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