Posted on June 11, 2013

As part of a joint Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) and the Community College Qatar (CCQ), a new career-focused internship program was recently launched for nine of the CCQ students that graduated this May 2013. The program will connect the students with subject matter experts from QAPCO and enable the students to experience working in a range of different occupations.

The program consisted of a rotational schedule whereby all the students spent quality time in each Support Department with the objective of discovering the roles and responsibilities of each Department as well has how these activities fit into the QAPCO organization. The students were also assigned job tasks and were evaluated each week on how they performed.

Dr. Mohamed Al Mulla, QAPCO’s VC & CEO stated “We believe that internships are an essential part of talent attraction. Our Student Internship Program aims to attract high caliber candidates to work in the Industry. It is a program for highly-motivated students to gain real life working experience and to get a taste of our working culture.We hope that all the students from CCQ will benefit from the diversity of opportunities they have experienced at QAPCO and hope that some, if not all will think about joining the company on our excellent Scholarship program.”

Dr Ibrahim Al-Naimi, President of CCQ thanked Dr. Al Mulla and QAPCO for establishing this Internship and for hosting our graduates, “This program will engage our students in a new way, and provide them with real opportunities for practical job experience. This program will also prepare our students for further study or for a career in Industry.  I am pleased to see this program in action and proud of the collaboration between CCQ & QAPCO.”He said.

Dr. Al Naimi continued “I am also very proud of these students as they have been great ambassadors for CCQ. Their behavior and motivation in the work place has been excellent and will pave the way for future students. They are the first group of students to go through this experience at QAPCO, and we look forward to sending many more in the future.”

Maryam Khalfan Al Bulushi and Alreem Ahmad Al Menhali (pictured above working in the Qatarization Section of QAPCO) described the Internship as “A wonderful professional learning experience - because of this internship, I gained more of an interest in the Petrochemical Industry and work in general. I enjoyed the interaction with the QAPCO family and am very thankful for this opportunity and their time.”When asked if she would recommend this internship to future students, Alreem replied, “Yes, definitely! I had a great time and learned a lot from this experience. It has also helped me with my studies as I am now familiar with how a large organization such as QAPCO works.”

The other students who participated in the program were Sara Al Emadi, Reem Al Enazi, Fatma Thani Al Haddad, Eiman Mohammed Hussain, Muna Jaber Al Meraizeq, Noora Rashid Sultan Al Mazruei and Mohamed Ahmed Al Bulushi. At the end of the program all the students will receive a Certificate of Achievement at a special ceremony to be held at the new 5 star QAPCO Sports and Health Club that was recently opened in Messaied.