Posted on September 10, 2014

Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) Q.S.C., one of the leading petrochemical powerhouses in the region and a pioneer in petrochemical production recently held a ceremony honoring its 70 enthusiastic summer interns and marking the successful completion of their two month internship program.

QAPCO’s highly regarded summer internship program is a unique pathway between academia and industry and opens the door to a successful career in the industry, as it gave the opportunity to 70 talented students, from Qatar and aboard, to gain unparalleled exposure and significant industry knowledge thanks to the 8 weeks they spent in the petrochemical plant. They were mentored by seasoned professionals and coached by a team of learning and development experts.

On the occasion, Dr. Mohammed Yousef Al Mulla, QAPCO’s Vice Chairman & CEO stated, “With our QAPCO Summer Internship Program, we hope to inspire, encourage and support a new generation of petrochemical experts and leaders. The future of our industry depends on the talent we nurture today. Practical internships are an essential learning experience that positively reflects on their educational and professional path. “

Dr. Al Mulla continued, “At QAPCO, we are committed to supporting in particular students studying mechanical, chemical and electrical engineering by providing them stimulating and rewarding opportunities that match their interest in science and technology and that are aligned with their university major”.

As such, the recent ceremony recognized the hard work of the 70 interns and their dedication during their time at QAPCO. Many interns shared some of the lessons they learnt in the plant and how their classroom knowledge has been significantly enhanced thanks to the time they spent in the company. Each of the interns confirmed they had to prove themselves, through the different positions, departments and tasks their were assigned to, and that they learned tremendously from it.

QAPCO celebrates successful completion 2 [].jpgThe ceremony was also attended by Mr. Abubakr Al-Saiari, Chairman of the Energy and Industry Sector's Qatarization Steering Committee. Mr. Al-Saiari gave an inspiring and highly motivational speech to the summer interns, the leaders of the future, appreciating their dedication. Mr. Al Al-Saiari is a leading figure in the Oil and Gas sector and benefits from over 40 years of experience. His advice and guidance to the young students was very beneficial. To celebrate the successful completion of the program, the interns were awarded special certificates standing testament to the skills demonstrated during their internship and acknowledging their accomplishments.

Eng. Abdulla Ahmad Naji, QAPCO’s Learning & Development Manager stated, “We are proud to report that the 2014 edition of our summer internship program was a real success. Through the 2 months spent with us at QAPCO, the interns gained a true understanding of how a petrochemical plant works. Evolving in a petrochemical complex and being coached by subject matter experts benefiting from more than 20 years of experience surely further expanded their educational knowledge. We are convinced their internship will positively reflect on their grades, and on their overall approach to learning. It may also encourage some of the Engineering students to join the new QAPCO Apprenticeship Program once they have completed their degree”. 

Eng. Naji also thanked Dr. Al Mulla for his continued support to the education sector in Qatar and expressed his gratitude to all the QAPCO Managers, Training Specialists, Subject Matter Experts and all the staff who have supported the Summer Internship Program and made it one of the best in Qatar.

Mr. Ali Khalid Al Samhari, a Qatari student studying Mechanical Engineering at Qatar University and who conducted his summer internship in the maintenance department highlighted, “The Petrochemical industry is a strategic sector for the economy of the State of Qatar. With advanced chemical processes, QAPCO is creating value added products. I am proud to have interned at a company that plays such a vital role in the growth of our nation. Plus, it is very inspiring to discover that Qatar has built such a strong knowhow and leadership position in this particular field. It makes me want to be part of this success story too”.

QAPCO celebrates successful completion 3 [].jpgCameron Bruce, in his third year at Heriot-Watt, one of Scotland’s most regarded universities, especially in the field of chemical engineering, spoke enthusiastically about his 8 weeks at QAPCO, “Graduates benefiting from strong exposure and training are in high demand, in particular in the chemical engineering field. Nowadays, for your CV to really stand out, students need to have conducted valuable internships. I am very grateful to QAPCO for having offered me such a stimulating opportunity here this summer. I know many of my fellow students in the UK are quite envious of the chance I had. QAPCO’s program is outstanding. Plus, the warm welcome and continuous support I received from the all departments helped me develop both personal and educational skills”.

“Interning at such a well-respected industrial organization like QAPCO provides an advantage that other students are unable to receive in a traditional classroom experience. I was able to apply practical skills that are essential for my career”, concluded Cameron.

QAPCO’s 2014 Summer Internship program was highly popular amongst both male and female students and the company received a large number of applications from candidates in Qatar and abroad, which reaffirms the preeminent position and reputation of the Qatari downstream sector on the global scene. Indeed, the Qatari petrochemical sector is well-known for its technical know-how and high level of expertize, and is famous for the support extended to aspiring talented engineers. Every year, QAPCO offers stimulating summer internship positions focusing in particular on scientific disciplines, such as mechanical, electrical and chemical engineering.

The Program is unique in Qatar as it also provided an array of special workshops delivered each week to all the students, such as Leadership skills, Team Building, and Motivation and even one on the fundamentals of R&D. QAPCO’s Internship program emphasizes both practical and educational aspects of working in the Petrochemical Industry and is proud to offer both Qatari and Expatriate students learning opportunities that will help prepare them for the growing prospects in the Oil & Gas Industry in Qatar and around the world.