Posted on June 23, 2013

With the aim of honoring and recognizing the achievement and work excellence of its staff, Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) held its annual Motivation Scheme Awards ceremony last week.

At the event, which was held at QAPCO’s plant in Mesaieed Industrial City, more than 223 achievers were awarded in recognition of their excellent performance during 2012. Appreciation certificates were distributed in various categories such as VC & CEO’s Merit Awards, Best Employee Awards, Employee Quality Awards, Employee Safety Awards, Near Miss Reporting Award, Special Recognition etc.

The slogan for this year’s ceremony was " Our Success = Your Success".  It is worth mentioning that QAPCO holds this ceremony annually to honor and recognize the achievers, to reinforce motivation and to further enhance performance and innovation for excellence in business.  this scheme was adopted by (QAPCO) in order to strengthen employees motivation.

In his speech on this occasion Dr. Mohammed Yousef Al-Mulla, Vice Chairman & CEO of QAPCO appreciated the role of awardees for their dedication, contributions, loyalty and their outstanding performance over the past year. Dr. Al Mulla said: “Our employees are the fuel of our success. Our employees are at the heart of everything we do and enable us to reach our full potential.”

Dr. Al Mulla continued: "Rewarding performance is one of our key values and embedded in our culture. Expressing appreciation for colleagues shouldn’t be restricted to a single day. Employees recognition is an ongoing, all year round process. However, I am glad we dedicated a day to acclaim and thank all the achievers. At QAPCO, we have unbelievable achievers. Not only do they hold the highest standards, but they also transmit those values to their colleagues and teams, and they inspire them, bringing us to new heights of excellence. “Dr. Al Mulla added “Our work pace within the petrochemicals industry is fast and busy, but we should never forget the contribution of our achievers; their never ending positive energy enables us to succeed. Thank you all for your performance and outstanding contributions."

QAPCO aims to recognize and award the achievers within its staff through this motivation scheme in order to motivate them to continue developing their performance, and to improve their productivity, to reach anew level, above all expectations.

In a friendly atmosphere, Dr. Al Mulla, presented certificates of appreciation for the 2012 achievers, and encouraged them to further pursue continuous self-development.

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