Posted on July 07, 2014

Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) Q.S.C., one of the leading petrochemical powerhouses in the region and a pioneer in petrochemical production, recently hosted it’s first ever QAPCO Open Day, dedicated to recruitment and scholarships. The event, held under the slogan "We want you with us”, was a true success and registered strong attendance.

With its innovative campaign, QAPCO aimed to attract talented national youth and experienced professionals, either through its scholarship programs or as direct hires, by presenting some of the various and rewarding opportunities offered by QAPCO for career development. In addition, to further boost industry and academia collaboration and to provide information and advice to students about the latest academic programs offered in Qatar, key representatives from Qatar University and Texas A&M at Qatar (TAMUQ) were also present at the event.

More than 460 Qataris complying with the recruitment specifications stated by the company visited the QAPCO Open Day. The industrial sector in Qatar, and the petrochemical field in particular, are rapidly growing and strengthening their contribution to the diversification of the national economy. Therefore, the sector is reinforcing its recruitment initiatives and reaching out the younger generation as hiring and supporting talented nationals is essential for the sustainable growth of the industry.

As the industrial sector is a significant employer and also plays a pivotal role in the development of the economy, the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, His Excellency Abdullah Saleh Mubarak Al Khulaifi graced the event by his presence and monitored the progress and success of the recruitment and scholarship drive.

QAPCO recruitment and scholarship 2 [].jpgOn the occasion, Dr. Mohammed Youssef Al Mulla, Vice Chairman and CEO of QAPCO thanked His Excellency the Minister for honoring the event and stated “We are delighted to witness that the petrochemical sector is more attractive than ever before for our Qatari youth. QAPCO Open Day’s impressive attendance illustrates that inspiring scholarships and stimulating careers motivate our talented younger generation. Looking at the caliber and determination of the candidates who visited us today, I believe the future of our industry is promising.”

Dr. Al Mulla continued by emphasizing the importance of the QAPCO Open Day, “The future of our industry depends on the talents we recruit and develop today. Our teams and employees are our most precious asset and determine our success. In particular, I am very impressed by the interest generated by technical positions in QAPCO in the fields of science, engineering, chemistry and research. Those disciplines are the core of our industry and are vital for the successful evolution of the sector. It is our role to support students interested by those scientific areas and to offer rewarding jobs in those particular fields.”

Dr. Rashid Al Amarri, Dean of the College of Engineering at Qatar University commented on the QAPCO Open Day dedicated to scholarships and recruitment by saying, “There is no doubt that our participation in the QAPCO Recruitment and Scholarship Day will have tangible benefits for the students interested in scientific studies and aiming to join QAPCO. Indeed, the academic programs we presented at the event are very much aligned with some of the most important requirements and positions offered by QAPCO.” Dr. Al Amarri also praised the role that QAPCO plays in promoting and supporting the Faculty’s activities. He stated, “We feel proud when we see that the relationship between Qatar University and QAPCO is growing day-by-day and is now entering a new era of collaboration. In fact, the University is working hand-in-hand with the industry to support and serve the growth of Qatar. I would like to thank QAPCO and its wise management for supporting us and for keeping our partnership ongoing. “

QAPCO recruitment and scholarship 3 [].jpgIn line with its commitment to the Qatar National Vision 2030, quality Qatarization has always been a driving force behind the success of QAPCO and it also gives the company its unique cultural identity. Therefore, QAPCO closely collaborates with universities and technical schools to engage with the youth and generate interest for scientific disciplines and engineering. To ensure the next generation is equipped with the most relevant skills for the sector to meet its growth ambitions, QAPCO supports an array of scientific competitions, shaped joint programs with engineering schools, developed an advanced apprenticeship program in collaboration with Qatar University and TAMUQ. Furthermore, every year, QAPCO offers many internship opportunities to motivated young Qataris willing to apply the skills and knowledge they have learnt in classrooms.

During the QAPCO Open Day, the attendees had the chance to speak directly to experienced QAPCO Human Resources staff as well as being interviewed by relevant Technical Department Managers. Eng. Abdulla Najji, Learning and Development Manager at QAPCO said, “People are at the center of everything we do and are vital to the company’s success and future growth. Therefore, reaching out to our Qatari youth is essential. It was very positive for us to see so many keen, motivated and already well qualified young people interested in joining QAPCO.”

Eng. Najji concluded by saying “As one of the fastest growing segment of Qatar’s workforce, women are a strategic priority for employment. QAPCO is also reaching out further than ever to support its current female employees and to provide opportunities for women to succeed at QAPCO. Since 2010, the number of women employed at QAPCO has increased by 72%. Our aspiration to remain an employer of choice in Qatar will challenge us to ensure that we are exceeding the expectations of our employees and supporting their success professionally and socially.”

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