Posted on May 13, 2013

The culture of Public Relations is gaining momentum in the region. Public entities and private companies are recognizing more and more the importance and strategic value of professional public relations and advanced communication management techniques for their interactions with key stakeholders.

Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO) is proud to support the 3rd edition of the Public Relations Regional Conference that will take place in Doha on the 15th and 16th of May at the Ritz Carlton, by offering the registration to 30 students from Qatar University.

The conference and workshops will bring together experts from the MENA region who will discuss topics such as crisis management in the energy field, social media, PR ethics, the planning of CSR campaigns and the management of events and conferences amongst many other themes.

Dr. Mohammed Al Mulla, Vice Chairman & CEO of QAPCO, commented by saying: “In light of Qatar’s ambitious development plans, such as the hosting of the FIFA World Cup in 2022, developing the relevant skills and capabilities amongst students, to create and implement effective PR and communication strategies in the future, is crucial. At QAPCO, we believe it is our responsibility to contribute to building those skills amongst the leaders of tomorrow. Hence, we wanted to encourage QU students in Mass Media to participate actively in the conference and workshops, to learn techniques and receive communication advice from some of the best experts in the Arab world.”

Dr. Al Mulla continued: “Public Relations build, maintain and safeguard the image and interactions of entities with the public and all their stakeholders. Public Relations can be related to any field and play a truly strategic role, as they can build trust and value, they can impact perceptions, and more importantly, influence. The potential of PR is enormous if exploited professionally. Many career opportunities already exist in PR. However, in the near future, PR will be even more pivotal to the success or failure of projects and companies.”

Mr. Jassim Fakhroo, Chairman of the 3rd Public Relations Regional Conference, expressed his thanks and appreciation to QAPCO for adopting an initiative that supports media students studying at university and said “our partnership with QAPCO adds a lot of value to the 3rd Public Relations Regional Conference, especially on the qualitative side, as it enriches the activities of conference”.

The President of the Conference highlighted that QAPCO’s sponsorship will contribute to building a new generation of media students that will soon be ready to lead the public relations in Qatar and it will also further develop their skills, through participation in specialized workshops and seminars, while reemphasizing the role and importance of public relations in general.

Mr. Fakhroo said “the International Association of Public Relations is seeking to cooperate with QAPCO and corporate sponsors to promote a culture of public relations and develop correct and professional concepts instead of traditional wrong stereotypes regarding PR.  The conference represents a valuable opportunity for all PR practitioners to share their experiences and insights, to refine their skills and expertise in the field of public relations.

Dr Mohammed Yousef Al Mulla

Mr. Fakhroo thanked Dr. Mohamed Yousef Al-Mulla, Vice Chairman & CEO of QAPCO, and his team for supporting the promotion of public relations activities on the national scene.

QAPCO wanted to offer the opportunity to 30 students to get an overall perspective and deep understanding about the role of PR and its positive impact on the society. This conference is also an excellent platform for professionals and students to share experiences, enhance their skills in the fields of communication and build their network among other public relations practitioners.

Educational institutions such as Qatar University have developed vibrant Mass Media Programs where they offer to students to build their skills in a vast array of disciplines such as strategic communication, journalism or broadcasting.

As Qatar continues to host internationally recognized events, as companies are expanding locally and internationally and as the country is more and more in the spotlight, thousand of talented Qatari communication practitioners can contribute to building the future of PR in Qatar, as career opportunities in this field will increase exponentially.

QAPCO is proud to support initiatives such as this conference as it builds a bridge between Academia and Industry.

Besides, Dr. Mahmoud Galander, Associate Professor, Acting Chair of the Department of Mass Communication at Qatar University, praised QAPCO’s initiative of support media students and said: “There is no doubt about the pivotal role played by national institutions, such as QAPCO, in supporting the training and education of students, by offering them valuable opportunities that will shape their future, enabling them to become well-versed and accomplished professionals. 

Dr. Galander confirmed that the Mass Communication Department at Qatar University is honored by the support provided by QAPCO, a leading petrochemical producer, as it expands the Public Relations capabilities of our media students, via their attendance and participation in the 3rdPR Regional Conference, thus contributing to building their skills and capacities. We look forward to future collaboration with QAPCO.

QAPCO and the International Public Relations Association - Gulf Chapter announced their strategic partnership, with QAPCO’s sponsorship of the 3rdRegional conference of Public relations, hosted in Doha under the auspices of His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Bin Saleh Al Sada, Minister of Energy and Industry, on the 15th and the 16th of May at the Ritz-Carlton, with the participation of more than three hundred delegates,  who are PR leaders and experts in the Gulf and the Arab world.

As per the agreement, QAPCO sponsors the 3rd Regional Public Relations Conference by offering free registration to 30 students from the Mass Communication Department at Qatar University. The students will be able to participate in all the activities offered at the conference, such as the workshops, where the participants will receive certificates from the International Association of Public Relations.

Mr. Ahmed Yaseen Al Hammadi, Public Affairs and Communications Manager at QAPCO said "The signing of the agreement is aligned with our general responsibility and eagerness to support Educational institutions such as Qatar University. He added that the partnership with the International Public Relations Association fits into the context of supporting and encouraging the culture of public relations within the community, especially as PR play a significant role in our modern societies. "

The 3rd PR Regional Conference is an ideal platform to discuss strategic communication issues and share experiences related to PR in the Arab World and the GCC.