Posted on May 07, 2015

A new cohort of doctors has graduated from WCMC-Q and received their U.S. medical degrees.

A total of 42 students received their degrees in front of family, friends and faculty at a ceremony held on the college’s campus. The students were also honored by a visit from the Minister for Health, His Excellency Abdulla bin Khalid Al Qahtani. His Excellency spoke to the students about their future plans and listened to their views about their careers and the future of health care. The graduating Class of 2015 - the largest in WCMC-Q’s history - will now go on to take residencies at hospitals in the U.S and in Qatar, or take up research positions. Dr. Javaid Sheikh, dean of WCMC-Q, paid tribute to the students, who are now some of the world’s newest doctors.

Dr. Sheikh added: “I am hoping that most of you will choose to serve Qatar whether you complete your postgraduate training here or abroad. Your own future career achievements will then be fundamentally intertwined with the future of Qatar and its vision for a knowledge-based economy and a healthy, vibrant population. And yes, I fully expect many of you to join us on the faculty to complete the virtuous cycle. “Class of 2015, as you look forward to the next chapter in your lives, remember this unprecedented generosity of Qatar Foundation in giving you the opportunity to become world-class physicians; and consider how you can similarly enrich the lives of others, both locally and globally.”

Qatar’s newest doctors 2 [].jpgStudent speaker Dr. Ahmed Mohsen reminded his peers of the immense amount of work they had to complete to get to where they are, the need for humility in their future careers, and the importance of teamwork. He also thanked Qatar’s leadership, the graduates’ families, and WCMC-Q staff, saving particular thanks for everyone who has helped teach the new doctors.
He said: “I’d like to thank all of our educators, including our premedical and medical professors, our clinical faculty at Hamad Medical Corporation, Sidra Medical and Research Center and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

“There is a poignant Chinese proverb that I’m sure you may have heard: Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime.
“We have realized that the skills you have taught us have granted us the opportunity to serve society; provide for our families; and help steer the world into a more positive direction. Thank you for this gift, which we will cherish, and promise to hold dear.

Qatar’s newest doctors 3 [].jpgDr. Laurie Glimcher, dean of WCMC-New York was also in attendance to watch the students receive their degrees and hear them recite the Hippocratic Oath – the traditional promise that all new doctors take to serve their patients. She told the graduates that they would always be part of the Weill Cornell family and would always have a home, either in Qatar or New York. She told them that they should become leaders and innovators, to stretch themselves at all times and to never stop learning. 

Dr. Glimcher also told them to always remember why they are doctors. She said: “Whether you end up working at the bedside or pursuing research, working in pediatrics or geriatrics, the patient should always be the focus of your efforts—and the force propelling you forward on your path of discovery.” Dr. David Skorton, president of Cornell University, addressed the audience via a recorded video message and spoke of Cornell’s pride in the new graduates.

Dr. Skorton said: During my nine years as president of Cornell University one of my great joys has been to see the growth and flowering of this program and the young people of extraordinary talent and commitment who become our graduates. I congratulate all of you on your achievements and wish you great success as you move to the next stage of your medical careers.”