Posted on November 03, 2015

Qatar Airways’ Al Darb nationalisation programme participated in the Sixth Future Career Fair and the Qatar International College Fair in Doha in October 2015, supporting students with career advice and information.

Qatar Airways’ National Talent Management team who manage Al Darb programme were on hand at both fairs answering questions and providing students with information about the nine different training programmes that the airline offers through Al Darb nationalisation programme. Al Darb regularly supports local career fairs in Qatar as well as in the United Kingdom and the United States.

Nabeela Fakhri, Qatar Airways Senior Vice President Human Resources said: “Local career fairs such as the Futures Career Fair and the Qatar International College Fair are a wonderful opportunity for the airline to introduce the different options that Qatar Airways has to offer.” Currently Qatar Airways’ Al Darb nationalisation programme supports more than 30 majors and provides nine different training programmes across a range of career choices within the award-winning airline.

The nine Al Darb training programmes are  National Scholarship; Cadet Pilot; Aircraft Maintenance Engineering; Summer Internship; Graduate Development; Aviation Management Programme; Airport Operations Management Programme; Jossor and the Massey University MBA programme. Recently the airline welcomed more than 200 new joiners, including engineers, cadet pilots, graduate developees, sponsored students and direct hires.