Posted on March 02, 2016

Qatar Airways Cargo will this week transport 118 of the world’s most admired show jumping and dressage horses from Liege, Belgium to Doha, Qatar on board three specially chartered Boeing 777 freighters equipped with air stables designed to allow the precious cargo to travel in maximum comfort. The horses, which will all take part in the international equine event, CHI Al Shaqab, taking place in Doha from 2-5 March, will be accompanied by a dedicated team of almost 90 vets and grooms as they undertake the journey, alongside more than 30,000kg of equine equipment.

Mr. Ulrich Ogiermann, Qatar Airways Chief Officer Cargo said: “Qatar Airways Cargo is proud to offer its support to this world-class equestrian event. We take great pride in providing the highest standard of services on the ground and in the air for our equine guests, and we are committed to ensuring that they are handled with the utmost care by our team, just as we do with everything that we transport. The team at Qatar Airways Cargo is well trained and works in line with IATA’s Live Animal Regulations to provide the most comfortable journey for the horses.”

With a team of dedicated equine experts, Qatar Airways Cargo offers a world class facility for the transportation of horses. The QR Equine service includes specifically designed aircraft, comprising both Airbus and Boeing freighters, featuring controlled temperature zones, spacious horse stalls and a team of dedicated grooms to accompany horses, ensuring their comfort, safety and smooth transportation. On the ground, at its state-of-art hub in Doha, Qatar Airways Cargo’s Live Animal Facility offers an equally sophisticated environment with air conditioned holding stalls, a paddock and on-site veterinary personnel.

Qatar Airways Cargo’s charter service offers quality, reliable and cost-effective global charter solutions through its extensive network of more than 150 passenger and over 50 freighter destinations. The freighter fleet includes eight Airbus A330Fs, eight Boeing 777 freighters and one Boeing 747 nose loader freighter. In addition, Qatar Airways Cargo utilises the cargo belly hold space on 177 Qatar Airways’ passenger aircraft.