Posted on January 15, 2018

Qatar Airways supports Qatar Cancer Society’s programs which aims to raise awareness of cancer prevention methods and emphasize the importance of early detection of disease treatment.

this initiative comes within the framework of Qatar Airways responsibility program to promote public health especially cancer. Dr. Dera Al Dosari - Public Relations and Marketing manager of QCS - met Qatar Airways' delegation at QCS headquarte and received the donation. Mariam Hamad Al Noaimi - General Manager of QCS thanks Qatar Airways for the kind gesture, said ‘that The donation is part of Qatar Airways commitment to its responsibilities towards the community, especially raise awareness about cancer’ .

She wished all the institutions to join hands in order to raise awareness of the disease, as well as support for people living with both materially and morally. Dr. Dera al Dosari - also thanks Qatar Airways for the kind gesture, said “We hope that more partnerships with all state institutions to contribute to the deployment of community awareness of cancer and ways to prevent it. He stressed that addressing cancer need for concerted efforts and constant cooperation between all institutions and agencies in the State , QCS cannot operate in isolation from the others , pointing to the importance of community partnerships in fighting cancer.

Nabeela J. Fakhri - Senior Vice President- Human Resources of Qatar Airways said ‘ We are very proud of all the good work by charity organizations in Qatar, and by Qatar Cancer Society, being one of the largest charity organizations in Qatar with a mission to improve health conditions, especially during those times where the numbers of cancer victims are rapidly increasing. This could be fought if we educate people about the illness symptoms and be able to discover it during its early stages”. She added “The donation as part of its efforts to raise health awareness and to improve health conditions of the Qatari community.