Posted on May 31, 2015

QCS Celebrated the World No Tobacco Day, which falls on thirtieth of May each year. It's organize a major public event at hayatt plaza mall aims to raise awareness about dangers of smoking and its role in increasing the chances of getting cancer. The event started with a campaign called “change your cigarette with an apple" which had overwhelming response from the audience.

It also included a part with name of "fun Science” which had many scientific experiments to children to make them aware of harmful effects of smoking and its negative effects on the individual and society where Tobacco is responsible for the death of a person out of 10 adults worldwide. The event also contain theatrical presentation named "trial a cigarette" by students of Jordanian school in Doha, which shows the life of the smoker and the cigarette role in  his family and entire community, as highlighted the seriousness of this bad habit that worsened in all societies.

Qatar Cancer Society celebrates 2 [].jpgDr. Maha Othman health educator at QCS said “May is a global month to raise awareness of smoking dangers, the whole world is celebrating the Assembly and is keen to celebrate the occasion through the launch of awareness campaigns begin early May of each year and ends celebration of the International no tobacco day” She added “we at QCS lunched this month a several awareness campaigns to all of the society slides, especially school students as part of its plan to target all of the slides and community groups, particularly young ages.

Othman pointed out to the significant role of modern technology and social networking sites in achieving the goals and spread awareness of cancer through the launch of a systematic electronic campaigns across social networking outreach sites of cancer within the framework of Assembly efforts to spread health awareness efforts. For his part, Ali Alqtatshah event coordinator at QCS cleared that the purpose of celebration of the World no tobacco day is to educate the community about tobacco dangers and its relationship to the injury of cancer in general, especially lung cancer, and focus on the harmful effects of passive smoking, especially to children, who are the more vulnerable persons to the disease.Qatar Cancer Society celebrates 3 [].jpg