Posted on January 24, 2015

QCS launched an anti-smoking awareness campaign last Wednesday for the schools and universities students , the campaign is talking in general about smoking and its effect on the body and general health of the smoker and people around him. It is worth noting that QCS had begun its campaign awareness in College of North Atlantic with a lecture presented by Dr. Mahasen Okasha for 30 students , the lecture was talking about harms of smoking and diseases that can caused by it plus mentioning stop Smoking clinics in Qatar which can help smokers to stop smoking by giving them the medical service to help them quit smoking .

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On the other hand, the QCS health education department represented in Dr.Maha Othman had organized a lecture about smoking and its effect in the Philippine international school and in the presence of 700 students, teachers and school administrators. Dr.Maha started the lecture by talking about cancer in general, lung cancer and its causes, in particular pointing out that smoking cigarettes and other types of tobacco products such as cigars and pipes and shisha increases the chance of developing lung cancer. 

She also said in her speech that smoking can affect all members of community, especially children, as they always seek to imitate their parents, which increases the chance of their smoking in the future, which also increases their vulnerability to cancer more than others, as the children who mingled with smokers often may start smoking in the early stages of life, making them always susceptible to the disease than others.

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For her part, Dr. pros Okasha, stressed that we need to educate the whole community about seriousness of smoking and its effects on the individual health and the people around him in general terms that the smoker does not affect his health only but also the health of all the people around him by passive smoking effects on community members, which makes them susceptible to various diseases such as respiratory diseases such as asthma, allergies and lung cancer as well.

She also stressed that it is necessary to highlight the seriousness of smoking and its effects and diseases that may be caused by smoking to lead the students to quit smoking and to recognize danger and encourage who around them to quit smoking in the end, which contributes in Develop a healthy and educated generations aware about importance and seriousness of cancer and how to prevent it or get away from its causes.

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