Posted on January 20, 2016

Qatar Cancer Society launched a campaign "You can do it.. Check now..", which will continue throughout the month in order to raise awareness of cervical cancer, and to overcome the barrier of fear and shame in women, And by encouraging them to check out the Pap smear, and to emphasize the need for early screening by going to AL Hayat Medical Center to conduct these medical swab free and know the results. A charity assessed on Tuesday, January 25, 2016 Grand Hyatt Hotel closing ceremony, can women who have had checks from participating in the clouds and the possibility to win great prizes represented in the 3 gold pieces and 3 diamond rings introduction of Damas and Malabar Gold & Diamonds, as the ceremony will also see the presence of a team of health educators to answer questions and inquiries attendance.

Qatar Cancer Society launches 2 [].jpg

The campaign also includes an awareness video encourages women to conduct Pap smear displays sponsored by Qatar TV, and through the use of video in two of the ladies who are known effects in the Qatari society, namely Ibtisam AL- Hubail and Haneen AL- NaqdeOn the same level A charity launched an electronic campaigns through their accounts on social Media such as Facebook, twitter, Instagram and YouTube, where dedicated this month to raise awareness of cervical and ways to prevent it and to correct negative thoughts cancer, as well as to emphasize the need for early screening and improving the lifestyle of through a healthy diet and exercise.

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