Posted on August 20, 2015

Qatar Chamber’s Chairman HE Sheikh Khalifa bin Jassim Al Thani heads the Chamber’s delegation participating in the "Gulf-Jordanian Economic Forum" 2-3 September 2015 in Amman, capital of Jordan. The Forum is held under the patronage of Jordanian King Abdulla II and co-organized by Federation of Gulf Cooperation Council Chambers (FGCCC) and Jordan Chamber of Commerce.

The Forum will aims at enhancing economic cooperation between Gulf countries and Jordan and exploring business and investment opportunities in both sides. It will also discuss exploring new horizons of economic cooperation and trade integration between both parties. The Forum will also focuses on encouraging PPP and providing interaction and communication among Gulf-Jordan businessmen for creating joint points and establishing trade ties.

It is organized in many themes reviewing horizons of developing trade and economic relations between both sides and the role of Arab and Gulf funds and financing SMES in both parties. It also explores developing cooperation among business youth and entrepreneurs and enhancing communication between Gulf-Jordan businesswomen for building mutual economic and trade partnership. Meanwhile, a press conference was held in Amman for announcing the forum’s events. QC acting Director General Saleh Hamad Al Sharqi, Chairman of Jordan chamber of commerce Nael Al Kabariti General Secretary of FGCC Abdul Rahem Naqqi and Chairman of Amman chamber of commerce Eissa Murad were present at the conference. 

Saleh Al Sharqi assured Qatar’s keenness to take part in this forum by a participating delegation of 35 of board members, businessman, economic dignities, and representative of great companies. "Jordan has a special position to our leadership and to Qatar people, so our participation assured our interest to cement Gulf-Qatar-Jordan economic ties and increasing Gulf-Qatari investments in Jordan", he said. Al Sharqi praised the importance of the forum as an important platform gathering numerous opportunities for more interaction and communication. 

He stressed the cooperation and partnership between private sectors in both sides by intensifying the coordination between FGCCC and Jordanian private sector representatives. He wishes the forum ends up with signing cooperation agreements and establishing investment partnerships. The organizers of Gulf-Jordanian economic forum urge businessmen and investors to make good use of opportunities and agreements achieved during the event. 

The Forum will witness inauguration of new Jordanian investment projects at all sectors and will be attended by more than 100 Gulf dignitaries representing great companies and government investment funds in Gulf region. FGCCC General Secretary Abdul Raheem Naqqi said that GCC and Jordan both enjoy deep and historic relations which work as a robust base for enhancing the economic, trade and investment relation between both sides. Trade exchange between them reached 4 JD billion in 2014, he added.