Posted on January 31, 2015
Qatar Charity (QC) field teams have been active over the past weeks in distributing emergency relief aid to Syrian refugees in neighbouring countries, following the waves of snowstorms that have hit the region, Qatar Tribune said.
The snowstorms, described as the worst in Levant in 80 years, has made life even more challenging and difficult for the millions Syrians displaced by the conflict who either are living out in the open or in tents that offer little protection from the low temperatures and high winds. The latest distributions took place at various points along the Jordanian border with Syria in the provinces of Zaatari and Mafraq, with a special focus on the areas of Um Alqotain and Al Dafianeh.
Winter clothing for adults and children, shoes and hats, blankets, meat and other food items were distributed to 20,000 Syrian refugees. QC has also recently sent its mini-convoy of three trucks carrying 45 tonnes of aid to the Syrian-Turkish border. This in-kind aid was collected through Qatar Charity's 'Spectrum' [TAYF] project. Items distributed included blankets and clothing, mostly children's clothing, heaters, shoes and games for children. The aid benefitted more than 10,000 displaced Syrians inside Syria and those living as refugees in Turkey.

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QC's upcoming relief convoy to Syria is now being finalised. Each truck with a cargo value of QR200,000 ($55,000) wil travel to northern Syria, carrying enough aid to support 450 families for a month. The convoy will also contain a minimum of 12 tonnes of flour to be provided to the QC bakery that continues to distribute free bread to targeted households inside Syria.