Posted on October 30, 2015
Qatar Charity (QC) is implementing a rainwater purification project in Gaza Strip that will benefit schools and government buildings. The project, which is being carried out a cost of QR6,022,000, is funded through the Gulf Co-operation Council’s Programme for the Reconstruction of Gaza Strip in co-operation with Islamic Development Bank in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia).
QC is implementing the project in co-operation with Gaza Municipality. The initiative aims to make proper use of rainwater, which will be purified and stored in aquifers, and improve infrastructure by removing rainwater from public spaces and reduce the chances of damage, according to a statement. Mohamed Abu Haloub, QC office director in Gaza, said the project involves the purification of rainwater in 35 government schools in different parts of Gaza. A system has been put in place to collect rainwater from buildings, schools, playgrounds and squares and use the same in water wells located inside schools.
The official said work is under way to boost the capacity of Friendship Garden by installing purification systems. Further, he noted that the project would help generate job opportunities in addition to reviving the private sector. This is one of the numerous initiatives undertaken by QC for improving infrastructure and reconstruction in Gaza Strip.
source: Gulf Times