Posted on December 19, 2018

Qatar Foundation (QF) has commemorated this year’s Qatar National Day through a series of events and activities designed to promote local culture, preserve Qatar’s rich traditions, and demonstrate national pride.

The QF celebrations, which include hosting a tent at Darb Al Saai and lighting its Headquarters at Education City maroon, have been centered on the overarching Qatar National Day theme of ‘together for our homeland’.

Khalifa E. Al-Kubaisi, Media Relations Manager, QF, said: “Qatar Foundation’s annual Qatar National Day celebrations are an opportunity to reaffirm our sense of unity. By bringing together members of our community, Qatar Foundation continues to strive to build a better future and unlock human potential with the aim of addressing local and international challenges. “This national occasion is an opportunity for us to take pride in all that we have accomplished together, and inspires us to continue to achieve in order to support Qatar on its journey to becoming a diversified, competitive, and sustainable economy.”  

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QF’s Darb Al Saai tent aims to showcase QF’s contribution to the development of Qatar across its core mission areas of education, science, and community development. Some of this year’s highlights include the Akhlaquna Award’s dedication wall, where visitors are able to note morals and values that best represent Qatar and its people, and the National Reading Campaign corner, which, through activities such storytelling sessions and word puzzles, aims to inspire a love for reading in children.

Since opening on Wednesday, December 12, the tent has attracted thousands of visitors, including a number of dignitaries. Mohammed Al Hajri, a visitor to the QF tent, said: "This is my first visit to the Qatar Foundation tent in Darb Al Saai, and what makes it tent really stand out is how pride QF is of the progress that Qatar has made over the past years, and its aspirations for the future.” Aysha Al Jassim, another visitor to the QF tent this year, said: “I’m impressed at the variety of activities on offer at the Qatar Foundation tent. I hope that when my children grow up, they get the opportunity to study at Qatar Foundation, and experience these activities first-hand, within their classrooms.”

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Boudor Al Shammari, who also experienced the QF-organized activities on offer at Darb Al Saai, said: "Every year, Qatar Foundation amazes us with a range of meaningful and educational activities in its tent. I came with my family, and we had the opportunity to participate in a variety of experiences. It has been truly wonderful.” 

QF’s Darb Al Saai activities will continue until Thursday, December 20, with the tent being open to the public on:

  • Wednesday, December 19, from 9am-1pm, and from 3.30pm-10pm.
  • Thursday, December 20, from 9am-1pm, and from 3.30pm-11pm.