Posted on November 30, 2013

The Community Services Department at Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development recently organised a blood donation drive titled ‘A Drop of Blood, Save Thousands of Lives’.

The successful campaign, which aims to encourage a culture of voluntary blood donation among students and employees between the ages 18 to 65, was held last week in collaboration with the Blood Donation Unit of Hamad Medical Corporation (HMC), and the Qatar Foundation Health, Safety, Security and Environment Directorate (HSSE).

Rodha Saleh Al-Saadi, the Community Services Supervisor at Qatar Foundation, explained the importance of increasing awareness among people of all ages about the value and benefit of donating blood, which helps save thousands of lives each year and also improves the health of donors by stimulating production of red blood cells. Educational posters and leaflets were distributed to educate participants about the advantages of giving blood.

Ms Al-Saadi said, “We have received dozens of applications from various departments at Qatar Foundation, and from a large number of students who are aged 18 and older. I am especially pleased to see such a significant level of interest and involvement among the student body, since we are eager to engage young people by fostering awareness about the significance of donating blood and taking part in events that serve the greater community.”

During the campaign, 45 units of blood were collected from 106 participants who met the necessary criteria and were considered eligible donors. Before any blood could be collected, the health history of every potential donor was carefully assessed by staff from HMC’s Blood Donation Unit, in order to ensure the highest standards of safety. Volunteers also received a brief examination, during which certified nurses measured their temperature, pulse, blood pressure, and haemoglobin levels.

This event is in keeping with the numerous community initiatives and activities organised by Qatar Foundation to educate the public about essential health issues, so as to create a healthier and more productive environment. It follows on from the HSSE Directorate’s recent ‘Pink Ribbon Breast Cancer Awareness Campaign,’which highlighted the positive impact of early breast detection and diagnosis.