Posted on April 30, 2013

The local community is once again invited to participate in the Qatar Foundation − FC Barcelona (FCB) Fan Zone tomorrow evening (May 1), where they will watch the crucial second leg match of the UEFA Champions League semi-final between FCB and Bayern Munich.

Last Tuesday hundreds of supporters attended the Fan Zone to watch the electrifying first leg contest between the two European giants. The game ended in disaster for FCB, going down 4-0 to their German rivals and leaving them with very little chance of reaching the Champions League final. However, despite this setback,one of Qatar Foundation and FCB’s mutual strengths is their steadfast commitment to teamwork in the face of any challenge. With this in mind, Fan Zone enthusiasts are strongly encouraged to demonstrate a spirit of sportsmanship by attending this high-profile screening.

Qatar Foundation’s Fan Zone always generates an exciting atmosphere as hundreds of enthusiastic supporters come together to watch FCB battle it out against some of Europe’s top football teams. Young fans are encouraged to derive inspiration from FCB’s perseverance, motivation,and drive to get back into the tie.

Tariq Al-Sada, Head of Qatar Foundation’s Press Office, said, “This is one of the many sporting events which has been organised to foster the values of Qatar Foundation and FC Barcelona’s ‘Passion Drives Us All’ initiative. We are exceptionally pleased with the level of participation in all our Fan Zone events. The community’s enthusiasm has contributed positively to the spirit of the partnership and to the mutual goals shared by both organisations.”

Mr Al Sada added, “Our aim is to encourage individuals and communities to engage in more sporting activities, given its crucial importance to the development of youth. The slogan ‘Passion Drives Us All’ reflects Qatar Foundation and FCB’s enduring commitment to encouraging all members of the community to achieve their greatest passions and potential, and to overcome any challenges that arise on their path to success.”

Visitors are encouraged to arrive as early as possible to the action-packed event, which kicks off at 8pm and will take place at Awsaj Academy’s football pitch at the main Qatar Foundation site. Before settling down to watch a live screening of the big match on giant screens, Fan Zone visitors of all ages will be given the opportunity to participate in a selection of football-themed competitions. There will be a number of great giveaways for fans. Friends and family members are welcome to join in the fun and snacks will be provided for all.

Qatar Foundation’s partnership with FCB is dedicated to encouraging youth across the world to tap into their potential through the pursuit of excellence within numerous fields, such as sports and education. To find out more about the Qatar Foundation – FC Barcelona partnership and all the competitions, visit

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