Posted on June 29, 2014

Qatar Foundation (QF) Radio English and Arabic will dedicate its programming to Ramadan coverage as various engaging shows aim to immerse listeners into the spirit of the Holy Month.

Special QF Radio English – 91.7 FM – programming will kick-off at 9.30am with ‘Ramadan 101’ where listeners will be treated to a daily dose of Ramadan terminology across the airwaves. Later in the afternoon at 3.30pm, ‘Inside a Mosque’ will take listeners on a journey to some of the world’s most renowned and revered Islamic locations.

At 4pm,English listeners can tune into ‘Ramadan Abroad’ for discussions about how the Holy Month is observed and celebrated among cultures around the world. At 5.30pm ‘Misconceptions about Islam’ will seek to dispel stereotypes about the Muslim faith. While at 8pm on Thursdays ‘Ramadan Nights’ will round-off weekly programming. Additionally, English listeners will also be able to gain insightful health and diabetes management tips throughout the day, to help ensure their well-being during the Holy Month.

Qatar Foundation Radio tunes [].jpgQF Radio Arabic – 93.7 FM – will also begin its Ramadan programming at 9.30am with ‘Stories of the Life of the Prophet’, which will discuss Prophet Mohammad’s dealings with friends and members of the community. At 11am ‘Emaniyat Al Adab Al Arabi’ will delve into Islam’s influence on both ancient and modern Arabic literature.While at 1pm ‘Quran Garden’ will host experts from Qatar Foundation’s Qur'anic Botanic Garden to discuss the benefits of the various plants mentioned in the Holy Quran.

One Thousand and One Nights’ will follow at 1.30pm, to tell the famous fairy tales through narrative radio drama. Finally, at 6pm ‘Story Collector’ will treat QF Radio Arabic listeners to tales of majestic mosques. In addition to QF Radio Arabic’s Ramadan programming listeners can also tune into various religious songs and recitations of the Holy Quran, as well as regular new bulletins. For more information log onto or follow us on Twitter @QFRADIO.