Posted on December 06, 2015

Qatar Foundation for Education, Science and Community Development (QF) ended its successful participation at the Ajyal Youth Film Festival, part of the Doha Film Institute (DFI), following seven-days of film screenings and interactive events celebrating all things cinema.

As a ‘Friend of the Festival’, QF took part in the annual event, along with ‘Gold Media Sponsor’ QF Radio and Northwestern University in Qatar (NU-Q) at its tent entitled ‘Explore the World of Media’, which intrigued parents and their children to engage and participate in exciting and unique activities. Designed to bring the community together and inspire creativity, the QF tent was aligned with the main mission to nurture an enriched, engaged, and vibrant society while fostering local talent and inspiring a love of knowledge.

QF Radio hosted live coverage of the Festival, and aired interviews with filmmakers, actors, representatives and participants. English Station Supervisor, Laura Finnerty said the participation of QF Radio in the event was a testament to QF’s continued efforts to work for the benefit of Qatar.

“The Ajyal Youth Film Festival is designed to engage young people and allow them to express themselves in a vibrant manner. The QF tent and QF Radio’s participation in the Festival is closely aligned to QF’s efforts to inspire people to follow their passion by creating an environment conducive to unlocking human potential. QF Radio had a great experience at this year’s Festival and we were able to speak to a diverse and interesting array of people who helped in broadcasting some great live coverage”, she said. 

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Opposite the QF Radio booth was NU-Q’s ‘News Studio’, comprising of a news desk set against the backdrop of the Doha skyline that faced a camera and a teleprompter. Participants were asked to take on the role of news readers and welcome guests to the Festival with their very own recorded greeting. Children and families took great pleasure in participating in this activity with one young Qatari participant explaining that it was her dream to become a news presenter.

The mother of the little girl, aged eight, said: “My daughter’s dream is to become a reporter and she was very excited to participate in this activity. I think it is great what Qatar Foundation is doing for Qatar as opportunities like this plant ideas in young people’s minds, and inspire them to think about what they want to achieve in the future.” “The Ajyal Youth Film Festival and Qatar Foundation’s tent help young people find themselves and develop their passions which is very important, both for their own personal growth and for Qatar. A child may come here having never thought about being in the news before, and after experiencing life ‘behind the camera’ they will be inspired to pursue a media career”, she added.

The week-long celebration of film came to an end after showcasing up to 80 films from 36 countries and included 17 films that were made in Qatar. This week a selection of radio recordings from the Festival will be broadcast by QF Radio following its conclusion, to commemorate and reflect on the success of the event.