Posted on February 25, 2017

Qatar has 304 Independent schools and 541 private schools, including kindergartens which together have enrolled 296,323 students, according to latest data released by the Ministry of Education and Higher Education.

Independent schools have a total of 113,347 students on their rolls (58,726 girls and 54,621 boys) while the private schools together have enrolled 182,976 students, including 85,977 girls. Statistical data for the 2016-2017 academic year puts the total number of students in Qatar at 305,461, including those enrolled in adult education (8,539), Aspire Academy (243) and the Al Noor Institute for the blind (356). They include 156,511 males and 148,950 females. International schools top the list of private schools (422, including 161 kindergartens) with a total of 144,449 students — 76,344 boys and 68,105 girls. Community schools came second (73 including 16 KGs) which together have 28,483 students — 14,605 boys and 13,878 girls.

The remaining are Arab private schools (46 including 25 KGs) with 10,044 students in total — 6,050 boys and 3,994 girls. Data shows the presence of a good number of non-Qatari students in Independent schools as well as Qatari students in private schools, especially the international ones. Independent schools have enrolled a total of 49,451 non-Qatari students ( 25,004 girls and 24,447 boys) and 63,896 Qatari students (30,174 boys and 33722 girls). Private schools together have 32,531 Qatari students — 18,843 boys and 13,688 girls. International schools have the highest number of Qatari students, among private schools, at 2,437, including 1,009 girls. Arab private schools have 893 Qatari students (756 boys and 137 girls), while community schools have enrolled 430 Qatari students ( 219 boys and 211 girls).

Among Independent school students, the highest 46.2 percent are studying in primary level, 23.7 percent in preparatory , 22.5 percent in secondary and 7.6 percent in kindergartens. A similar pattern is seen in private schools as well, with 51.1 percent in primary level, 21.4 percent in preparatory, 16.3 percent in secondary and 11.2 percent in kindergartens. Independent schools have employed a total of 16,007 teachers including 5,455 Qataris and 10,552 non-Qataris. Interestingly, of the Qatari teachers, only 231 are males.

source: The Peninsula