Posted on March 10, 2016

(Photo for illustration only)

Monsson Group, leading company in renewable energy, is proud to announce its entry into the Qatari market with its Reverse Osmosis Water Desalination Powered by Renewable Energy. The project is located in a farm owned by Mr. Ali Hussain Ali Al-Sada and it is the first in the world fully automated and remotely controlled plant, with low energy consumption and without operating personnel. 

This new desalination plant is the answer to the rising energy demands coupled with diminishing fossil fuel reserves. It is the first of many such farms in Qatar for which Monsson will provide sollutions. Using renewable energy technologies, Monsson is able to have a secure supply of sustainable electricity generation through photovoltaic and wind technology for the desalination plants installed in Qatar.

Monsson’s commitment is finding energy solutions in nature. Monsson has focused on renewable energy since 2004 and is one of the leading companies in Europe in the development of renewable energy projects. Its portfolio prides itself with more than 2400 MW projects developed and 1000 MW already constructed and in operation. Backed by a workforce of 500 specialized employees, Monsson performs a wide range of services that covers the whole life cycle of a renewable energy project and desalination plant, comprising of: development, construction, operation, maintenance, service and electricity trading.

"Water, energy and food demands are increasing worldwide. This is mainly due to population growth and industrialization. Simultaneously, fossil fuel reserves are diminishing. Our goal for Qatar is to bring technical solutions for the production of fresh water and food, in a sustainable way, that’s not dependent on fossil energy. We have found this solution in nature” said Mr. Costin Lupu, Director Middle East and Africa.

First beneficiary of this state of the art project, Mr. Ali Hussain Ali Al-Sada proudly added: “The increasing global demand to find solutions for climate change is today’s problem that has an impact on tomorrow. Hence this project was created to offer fresh desalinated drinking water as well as water for irrigation purposes in the production of food. Through tapping the forces of nature we can now have a consistent supply and a sustainable electricity generation at a low maintenance cost.”

The new desalination plant has many advantages, among them is that it enables fresh water to be produced cheaper than the water purchased and transported by trucks. This way even very remote locations can be supplied with energy and fresh water at reasonable costs, thus benefiting remote communities. Looking ahead, the operating units could have full service agreements in place for more than 10 years. This technology allows the desalination plants and energy capacities to be extended to other locations. The generating power has the flexibility to be used for desalination and for other energy purposes in the farm. Additionally, specially designed green houses for desert conditions can also be constructed, permitting year round vegetable production.

This exciting new project promises to preserve precious fossil fuel reserves and signals a bright future for renewable energy in Qatar.