Posted on October 15, 2016

Qatar Islamic Bank (QIB), Qatar’s leading Islamic Bank, has launched a new automated complaint management system. The new system makes it easy for QIB customers to track the status of an issue or inquiry and to understand what is happening at every step in the process.

This initiative is part of QIB’s Board of Directors objective to invest in technology in order to maintain QIB’s leadership in the banking sector, in line with Qatar’s vision to technologically advance the country’s financial services sector. The complaint management system is accessible by all employees across QIB, ensuring that every person who works for the Bank is able to contribute to improving customer service. QIB strives to provide its customers with a premium banking experience. Part of that involves being responsive to their needs and demonstrating that if they ever have a problem, the Bank will bring it to a swift and satisfactory resolution. The new automated complaint management system will allow QIB to address customers’ issues quickly and thoroughly.

QIB anticipates that the new software will result in faster turnaround times. The moment a request/complaint is logged into the system, a text message (SMS) is sent to the customer providing a unique reference number related to his/her inquiry. This allows QIB customers to get easy updates on the status of their complaint any time. Upon a suitable resolution of each case, QIB customers receive a closing / confirmation SMS. The introduction of the new automated complaint management system comes as part of QIB’s ongoing efforts to upgrade its IT infrastructure in order to improve customer service and increase efficiencies throughout the Bank. QIB prides itself on being an early adopter of cutting-edge technology in order to maintain its position as an industry leader. The Bank’s focus is on identifying those tools and systems that will enhance the customer experience and improve the Bank’s behind-the-scenes operations.

“The automated customer complaint system will benefit both the Bank and customers over the long term,” said Mr. Constantinos Constantinides, Chief Strategy Officer for QIB. “The ability to quickly identify and correct issues as they arise – and to prevent them from happening again in the future – will result in lower costs for the Bank. More importantly, we hope that that the new system, along with the many other enhancements QIB has made over the past year, will help us increase our customers’ satisfaction and maintain their loyalty to QIB.”