Posted on April 10, 2020

Tribulations and crises show the authenticity of states and nations, test the credibility of their slogans, and show the strength and solidity of their external relations, regionally and internationally.

In this context, and upon the directives of Amir H H Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al Thani, Qatar has and continues to offer many humanitarian initiatives and gestures during the fierce global confrontation with the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). In implementation of these directives, and within the framework of the strategy drawn up by His Highness for the State of Qatar to strengthen its relations with brothers and friends, two Amiri Qatari Air Force aircraft carrying two field hospitals landed in the friendly Italian Republic on Wednesday, in support of the efforts of Italian friends to confront and contain the COVID-19 pandemic.

The area of the first hospital is 5200 square meter, while the other hospital’s area is 4,000 sq meter. both hospitals together can accommodate 1,000 beds equipped with modern medical equipment and technology, to treat the COVID-19 patients. More aid landed aboard four military cargo aircraft, and a fifth plane will land in Italy today, loaded with medical tools and equipment, in cooperation between the Qatar Fund for Development and the Qatari Armed Forces. The State of Qatar extends a helping hand to the friendly Republic of Italy with which it maintains high-level strategic relations, despite the unjust blockade.

The State of Qatar is fully confident that Italy will overcome this pandemic. Despite its preoccupation and attention the internal situation and protecting the State from the pandemic and its various repercussions, the State of Qatar, under the leadership of H H the Amir, has not forgotten its role and humanitarian duty towards friends, stressing its solidarity and standing with them during prosperity and distress. In the context of the State of Qatar’s contribution to combating the pandemic, which poses a common threat to the whole world, H H the Amir gave directives, to send urgent medical assistance to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

His Highness directed urgent financial assistance to the sisterly State of Palestine, in support of its brotherly people, and a contribution from the State of Qatar in the global efforts to combat the outbreak of the COVID-19, in addition to providing urgent assistance, including medicines, medical supplies, foodstuffs, and fuel for generators to operate the hospitals in Gaza Strip.

Prior to that, the State of Qatar sent 8 aircraft carrying 300 tonnes of urgent medical supplies to friends in the People’s Republic of China, at a time when international airlines banned flights to Chinese airports. In addition to sending medical shipments and aid, the State of Qatar has evacuated stranded persons in addition to United Nations staff from the COVID-19 hit areas, confirming its leadership of humanitarian initiatives which are moved by its principles and humanitarian constants. Moreover, Qatar Airways Cargo has increased the volume of its services around the world on cargo and passenger planes - to transport goods only without any passengers on board, as part of its endeavors to contribute to the continuity of the global trade sector, and to transport essential supplies wherever needed during these difficult times.

Qatar Airways Cargo has shipped more than 50,000 tonnes of medical supplies and essential goods to areas affected by the Coronavirus around the world. The total weight of goods shipped by Qatar Airways Cargo during the month of March 2020 is equal to the capacity of 500 cargo Boeing 777 aircraft. The successive Qatari humanitarian initiatives reflect the positive role that Doha plays at the international level, especially in times of crisis and ordeals. They send numerous messages that the State of Qatar is keen to harness its capabilities and potentials in order to build security and stability and spread peace and reassurance among people wherever they are in the world without discrimination.

These initiatives also underline the belief of Qatar that the brotherly and friendly countries and peoples will not be left alone in their battle against this pandemic, and that defeating the virus outside the borders has the same priority and importance as at home, out of its convictions that international solidarity is the most successful and fastest way to win the battle against coronavirus pandemic, and that situation may become more difficult and painful in the absence of this solidarity