Posted on September 24, 2019

Qatar Leadership Centre (QLC) and Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation (Kahramaa) signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to establish Kahramaa Excellence, an Institutional Program aimed at enhancing the leadership skills of senior Kahramaa management. Organized pursuant to a study by QLC of their partner organization, the curriculum is designed and to be delivered by Duke Corporate Education in collaboration with QLC.

Acting Managing Director at QLC, Dr. Ali J. Al Kubaisi, and H.E. Eng. Essa Bin Hilal Al-Kuwari, President of KAHRAMAA, signed the agreement at an official ceremony in the presence of senior officials from both organisations and distinguished guests.

“As the State of Qatar continues to develop and realize the goals outlined in Qatar National Vision 2030, Kahramaa’s leadership has prioritised continuous improvement of their services, including the strengthening of their leadership. As a Qatari institution aimed at supporting other national institutions, QLC is proud to assist Kahramaa’s leadership through our National Leadership Programs and Kahramaa Excellence,” Dr. Ali Al Kubaisi said. “After close collaboration and an exhaustive evaluation of their professional needs, the Centre created Kahramaa Excellence, a program that strengthens their capabilities in key areas. Designed in partnership with Duke Corporate Education, one of the world’s leading executive education institutions, Kahramaa Excellence will ensure that Kahramaa’s leadership continue to deliver the mission of the organization.“

Under the agreement, the Kahramaa Excellence program will see a select group of Kahramaa officials engage with several of Duke Corporate Education’s world-renowned faculty in four distinct modules – Leading for the Future, Leading Self and Others, Leading with Business Acumen, and Leading with Communication. and the program will take place across a six-month period from November 2019 to May 2020. Notably, during this time, in addition to a classroom learning experience, participants will also undertake action learning projects that include the assessment of several case studies and readings that are complementary in nature to their ongoing courses.

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H.E. Eng. Essa bin Hilal Al-Kuwari, President of KAHRAMAA, said: “We are glad to be a partner with Qatar Leadership Centre through ‘KAHRAMAA Excellence Program’ which comes within our interest in human element as the most important investment. We seek to improve our cadres and qualify them to hold leadership positions in the Corporation to meet the aspirations of the State of Qatar, creating and establishing a knowledge-based economy. We are sure that the graduates of ‘KAHRAMAA Excellence Program’, designed by Qatar Leadership Centre which is one of the key tributaries of achieving Qatar National Vision 2030 objectives, collaborated with Duke University, will represent an important element in developing electricity and water sectors and will contribute to attain the vision and objectives of the Corporation.” 

Kahramaa Excellence was designed to reinforce Kahramaa’s leadership by bolstering their capabilities in several areas, with an emphasis on boosting the participants’ effectiveness as leaders in the future. In a bid to better understand trends that can shape the public services landscape over time, participants will start the program by diving into the methodology of studying change drivers and influencers, blueprinting possible futures and forecasting changes in their respective service areas. They will also absorb insights that will help them guide their own personal growth and the development of the team while strengthening their management skills.

The all-inclusive syllabus will then shift perspective to their capacity as executives, supplementing their business acumen and communication abilities. Participants will learn the levers that managers can use to deliver sustainable value for their companies and dive into the fundamentals of corporate finance that will ultimately allow them to unlock sustainable growth models for Kahramaa. Finally, they will be sharpening their ability to communicate through a combination of immersive scenarios and exercises that will help them create a leadership presence in the company.

Launched in 2014, QLC’s Institutional Program offers a unique leadership education platform for Qatari government institutions and public sector organizations to advance institutional performance and enhance managerial competencies. Designed for ambitious Qatari professionals in public, private and government organizations, the program includes customized training courses, seminars and executive solutions based on individual institution needs.

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