Posted on November 29, 2016

Qatar Minister of Energy and Industry H.E. Dr Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Sada inaugurated the 5th International Gas Processing Symposium, which was organized and hosted by the Gas Processing Center (GPC) at Qatar University College of Engineering (QU-CENG) on November 28-29.

Themed “Gas Processing: Opportunities and Challenges”, the event is organized under the patronage of H.E. Dr Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Sada, and sponsored by ExxonMobil (Elite Sponsor), Dolphin Energy Limited (Silver Sponsor), and Oryx GTL and AIChE (Supporting Sponsors). It brought together over 200 representatives from academic, government and industry to discuss and bring innovative ideas to address major challenges facing the gas processing industry.

H.E. Dr Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Sada was joined by QU President Dr Hassan Al Derham, QU VP for Academic Affairs Dr Mazen Hasna, QU Chief Strategy and Development Officer Dr Darwish Al-Emadi, QU VP for Research and Graduate Studies Prof Mariam Al-Maadeed, CENG Dean Dr Khalifa Al-Khalifa, CENG Associate Dean for Research and Graduate Studies Prof Abdelmagid Hammuda, GPC Director Dr Mohammed Al Marri, ExxonMobil Qatar Inc President and General Manager Mr Alistair Routledge, Dolphin Energy Limited General Manager - Qatar Mr Hassan Al Emadi, and Oryx GTL Chief Engineering and Project Officer Mr Ali Abdulrahman Al-Mohannadi, as well as QU and ministry officials.

The event attracted keynote speakers from many countries such as Qatar, Germany, Malaysia, UAE, and USA. They presented on “New Catalytic Process Design Strategies: Oxidative Methane Coupling with Soft Oxidants”, “Oil/Gas Economics and Forecast”, “Process Integration Approaches to Optimal Planning of Unconventional Gas Field Development”, “Produced Water Treatment in the Oil & Gas industry”, “Prediction of Refinery Feed Stock Corrosivity Using Sulfur Speciation Technique”, “Produced water treatment: Unlocking Production from Mature and Marginal Fields”, and “Power Generation Challenges and Answers to an increasing demand for unconventional fuels and water”.

The conference agenda comprised a series of discussion sessions, technical workshops and training seminars led by expert presenters and that address a wide range of topics focused on CO2 capture and utilization, produced water management, emerging technologies in gas processing, gas economics, safety in gas industry, upstream gas challenges, energy efficiency, catalytic gas processing, waste management, and corrosion. It also featured oral presentations delivered by speakers from Qatar University, Ain Shams University, CSIRO-Australia, Dolphin Energy Limited, DUT-The Netherlands, ExxonMobil Inc Qatar, Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, M’Hamed University-Algeria, NRC-Italy, Oryx GTL, Qatargas, Q-Chem, RasGas, Shanghai Advanced Research Institute, Shell Qatar, Texas A&M University-Qatar, and UAE University.

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They presented on a wide range of topics such as “Towards a reliable method for the investigation and monitoring of Underdeposit Corrosion”, “Corrosion and Scaling in Wet Gas Pipelines”, “Modelling Analysis of Produced Water Desalination Using Reverse Osmosis”, “Waste Water Plants - Avoiding Corrosion”, “Captured CO2 treating and transportation: Challenges and lessons learned”, “Proposal for CO2 capture in order to eliminate flaring at Oman LNG Company”, “A framework for developing real-time dynamic risk assessment algorithms”, “Observation and Mitigation of SO2 Gas Emissions from Atmospheric Liquid Sulphur Storage Tanks”, “Catalytic CO2 Capture directly from Air: a Molecular Modeling Study”, “Mixed Metal Oxide Based Solar Thermochemical H2O/CO2 Splitting Cycle”, and more.

The event also included a dedicated student program, in which undergraduate and graduate students presented their research activities. Selected papers will be considered for publication in a special issue of the “Journal of Natural Gas Science and Engineering” and the “Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering”.

Commenting on the conference, H.E. Dr Mohammed bin Saleh Al-Sada said: “As we gather today to inaugurate the 5th International Gas Processing Symposium, we are proud of Qatar University’s achievements, among which the organization of this symposium that highlights the pivotal role of education in driving forward the country’s progress and growth. By hosting this event, which is in its 5th edition this year, Qatar University and the Gas Processing Center show the high level of achievements they have accomplished, which contributes to support Qatar’s development strategy.”

H.E. Al-Sada added: “The Gas Processing Center was established at QU in line with the university’s objectives to provide the country’s economy with national competencies who are able to assume the responsibility and to contribute to managing and maintaining the country’s resources. The Center is also committed to study and find scientific and applicable solutions to technical challenges that may face the processing of natural gas.”

Dr Hassan Al Derham said: “This biennial symposium provides a platform for industry leaders, engineers and academics to meet and discuss the contemporary trends and find efficient solutions to the main challenges in the gas industry, which is the key component of the national economy. The conference’s program features a wide range of keynote addresses, sessions and presentations that cover the visions on industry and research outcomes which are of the benefit of the participants. The Gas Processing Center at Qatar University provides innovative research and contributes to strengthening links between the university and the industrial companies.”

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Dr Khalifa Al-Khalifa noted that this year’s theme serves to recognize Qatar’s positioning as one of the leading liquefied natural gas (LNG) and gas to liquids (GTL) exporters in the world, as well as the country’s leadership in committing to the sustainability and diversification of natural gas market. He said: “The symposium is one of CENG most significant events. It is an invaluable opportunity to bring together key academics and industry experts to address the various challenges related to accessing, utilizing and processing of natural gas. This will add considerable value to the college’s research efforts and will contribute to highlighting the solid links that QU continues to build with organizations worldwide.”

Dr Mohammed Al Marri said: “By hosting this timely event, the Gas Processing Center is demonstrating its key role in generating, maintaining and disseminating information and technology related to Qatar’s gas processing industrial base. The Center is committed to developing applied research that contributes to providing a locally sited and controlled source of knowledge, and to promoting cutting-edge technology and industrial facilities in line with national aspirations towards a knowledge-based economy.”

Mr Alistair Routledge said: “For many years now, ExxonMobil Qatar and Qatar University have been working hand in hand to make strides in research, science and education; and to help nurture a competitive, skilled workforce for Qatar. We share a mission to contribute to the sustainable development of Qatar, as outlined in the Qatar National Vision 2030, and we do this by combining strengths across government, academia and industry. This is why we are so pleased to support Qatar University’s International Gas Processing Symposium, which brings together experts from various backgrounds to promote a better understanding of the natural gas industry and address the challenges our industry faces. The symposium represents an opportunity to deepen our collective expertise. Several ExxonMobil Qatar subject matter experts will be participating in these discussions. Thanks to Qatar University for hosting this event. We look forward to working together to drive Qatar and the natural gas industry forward.”

Mr Hassan Al-Emadi said: “As one of the leading players in the energy sector and a consortium member of Gas Processing Center, Dolphin Energy is proud to continue sponsoring such an important event which further enhances the strong alliance between industry and academia and brings together the region’s leading representatives of the industry. Our team is looking forward to making valued contributions to the sessions and workshops and I am sure the symposium will produce strong discussions and provide effective solutions to the challenges associated with gas processing today.”

Mr Ali Abdulrahman Al-Mohannadi said: “We at Oryx GTL are delighted and honoured to be participating in the 5th International Gas Processing Symposium, which is part of our CSR’s strategy for supporting the sector’s implementation of sustainability and for showcasing its commitment to the State of Qatar towards achieving the Qatar National Vision 2030. The long-term success of the energy industry shall ultimately rely on cooperation between stakeholders -- such as resource owners, technology providers and the academic world -- in the advancement and multiparty implementation of solutions to meet customer requirements in an environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.”