Posted on March 15, 2018

Qatar Museums’ further cemented its leadership in the cultural and institutional development of Qatar today through its contribution to the publication of the Qatar National Development Plan 2018 – 2022. Led by the Ministry of Development Planning and Statistics (MDPS), the publication of the plan represents the culmination of many months of intensive work by a number of leading public bodies and institutions in the country, including Qatar Museums.

In helping move the country forward towards realising the ambitions of the Qatar National Vision 2030 (QNV 2030), the plan covers a variety of tangible programmes and projects designed to improve and support institutional development, service provision, financial management, sustainability of economic prosperity, strengthen human development, support social development and sustainable development that preserves the environment, as well as underpin strategic performance management across the country’s leading organisations and institutions.

A team from Qatar Museums have played a vitally important role since 2017 in the formulation of the plan through active involvement on the Central Advisory Committee which was charged with reviewing, evaluating and strengthening numerous strategies and plans developed by various sub-committees to feed into the overarching plan and which cover all spheres of public life.

The Advisory Committee has spent considerable time during these past few months carefully scrutinizing plans covering all aspects of the country’s development – ranging from culture, safety & security, finances, immigration, employment, education, healthcare and more. Its comprised of a variety of experts and leading-figures that represent a wide cross-section of the public and private sector. In addition to making a vital contribution to the work of the Central Advisory Committee, as the leading arts and cultural authority in Qatar with responsibility for developing the arts and cultural sector to the highest standards, Qatar Museums played a prominent and active role on the Cultural Sector Committee.

The publication of the plan marks a major milestone for Qatar in marking a clear path towards achieving the leadership’s vision through the development of a step-by-step strategy that turns each goal in the QNV 2030 into a concrete reality for Qatar. The Qatar National Development Plan 2018 – 2022 builds on the National Development Strategy 2011-2016, and will continue to pave the way for Qatar’s economic, social, cultural, and environmental development, leading to an even more prosperous Qatar and setting the pace for future national strategies to come. 

Commenting on Qatar Museums’ role, Khalid Al Ibrahim, Chief Strategic Planning Officer at Qatar Museums and member of the Central Advisory Committee and the committee that prepared the strategy for the cultural and sport sector, said: “Today marks an incredibly important moment in moving Qatar forward towards a bright and prosperous future. The publication of this plan represents the culmination of the very best strategic thinking across all sectors of the economy. We have very good reason to feel optimistic and encouraged by the path that this plan sets out. It has been an honour and privilege to play an active role on both the Central Advisory Committee and the Cultural Sector Committee, helping to shape the plan. I’m excited to see where it leads.”