Posted on April 28, 2019

Young scientists, students, and researchers learned about the importance of renewable energy in the latest edition of the Library’s Science Book Forum, which took place today at Qatar National Library. The Forum considered why it is important for Qatar to invest in this type of energy despite being a major fossil fuel producer and exporter.

Participants learned about the sources, applications, environmental impacts, technical challenges, and most importantly, why these energies are crucial for the future of energy sustainability. Attending the session, Amani Hamdan, a teacher at Amna Bent Wahab Secondary School, said: “We encourage our students to engage in scientific readings to help them develop a scientific culture, be able to do their own independent research. We participate in these lectures at the Library to encourage curiosity in our students to learn about the latest scientific discoveries such as renewable energies, water on planet Mars and the black hole, for example.”

Qatar National Library’s Science 2 [].jpg

Earlier this month, at a special session of the Forum, scientists discussed the latest scientific breakthroughs including the very first image of a black hole and traces of potential life on Mars found by scientists. Abdul Aziz Ahmed Al Jabr, a Grade 11 student at Omar bin Abdul Aziz School, who attended the lecture, said: “The talk was an opportunity for me to get answers to many of my questions about black holes and life on Mars. I was able to discuss my questions with fellow students and ask questions from the lecturers. I visit the Library frequently, and would like to thank the staff for their efforts in preparing a distinguished collection of scientific books.”

Chaired by Dr. Essam Heggy, Research Scientist in Earth and Planetary Sciences, the Forum is intended to encourage youth and the general public to develop a lasting interest in reading science books. “I am delighted with the attendance at our monthly Science Book Forum sessions. What makes the Forum astonishing and wonderful is the number of people who come here to listen to the lectures and talk about science actualities. The interest from the community shows their readiness to increase their understanding of science. It is a metric of Qatar’s population’s increased interest in science knowledge, which is really inspiring and encouraging,” said Dr. Heggy. 

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