Posted on April 06, 2019

Researchers, manuscript experts, and conservators from Qatar and across the region attended a five-day training course at Qatar National Library.

Organized by the Library and IFLA’s Regional Preservation and Conservation Center, the intensive training course, “Why and How to Identify and Classify Islamic Manuscript Papers,” took place from 31 March to 4 April.  

Renowned papyrologist and codicologist, Dr. Anne Regourd, shared best practices with participants during the training session that focused on a selection of Islamic manuscripts used between 7th to 20th centuries. “Paper studies are developing in many ways, and we have new discoveries and improvements in this field to explore,” said Dr. Regourd. “I am delighted to deliver this course on new materials in the field for experts in Qatar and from across the Arab region. The fact that the Library is interested in such topics and brings experts from other countries is very encouraging and it is a good news for the preservation and conservation of historical manuscripts.”

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Participants learned about the different media used by Arab scribes and copyists to write Islamic manuscripts, and highlighted tools commonly used for paper identification in the Islamic world. Conservator and art historian, Nil Baydar, who works at the Ministry of Culture and Tourism in Turkey, attended the workshop, and said: “The course was very interesting for me because it provided me with practical knowledge to use in a project on Islamic manuscript papers that I currently work on with a relevant institution in Turkey. I learned several new topics such as the use of European paper in Islamic manuscripts and other.”

“The lecture offered very interesting information about the history of manuscripts and especially about the paper of manuscripts. This is a unique workshop as it covered an important topic for the first time in the Arab region. I am very happy to be here at the Library and fascinated by the conservation and research facilities here,” said Yousef Derghan, Director of the Collection of Manuscripts at the main library in Holy Spirit University of Kaslik in Lebanon.