Posted on December 20, 2014

Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Qatar Organ Donation Center (Hiba) has promoted its organ donation campaign by organizing different awareness activities on the occasion of Qatar National Day.

During the activities held on Wednesday at Hamad General Hospital’s Outpatient Department and on Thursday at West End Park in Industrial Area, Al Khor Stadium and Katara Cultural Village, volunteers from HMC are seen educating members of the public about the importance of donating their organs either as live or deceased donors. Participants’ bio-data were collated and registered on the donors’ registry while their organ donor cards were issued on the spot.

Qatar Organ Donation Center promotes 2 [].jpgDr. Riadh Fadhil, Qatar Organ Donation Center Director said: “Qatar National Day is an occasion full of joy and happiness. It is a day of expressing solidarity and gratitude to the leadership of the country for their commitment towards building an enviable Qatari society. So we believe it is a perfect moment for promoting our organ donation campaign, which encourages people to donate their organs to save a life.”

He explained that organ donation is a gift of an organ to help someone who has a failing organ that needs to be replaced adding that organs that can be transplanted include kidneys, the heart, lungs, pancreas, and livers as well as tissues. “Organ donation could save someone’s loved one and it offers others a healthy longer life. Donating organs after death can save many lives and individual can also donate one of their two kidneys and part of their liver while they are still alive, to save or significantly improve the quality of another person’s life,” said Dr. Fadhil.

Qatar Organ Donation Center promotes 3 [].jpgHe stressed that organ donation procedure is safe as transplantable organs and tissue are removed in a surgical procedure following a thorough screening of the donor to decide which organs are suitable for transplantation. “All donors are properly screened by our highly skilled team in Hamad General Hospital and the surgical procedure of removing organs is carried out by our surgical experts, who make every effort to ensure the smallest possible incision for the removal of the organ.”

“The Qatar Center for Organ Transplantation at Hamad General Hospital has a very good record of providing a safe and high quality service, which is benchmarked against international standards as acknowledged by well known experts,” added Dr Fadhil. To register as a donor, please contact Qatar Organ Donation Center (Hiba) on telephone : 44398559, 44398557, 44398588; mobile – 66189586; email: or