Posted on March 12, 2016

In line with its support of Qatar National Vision 2030 to promote the development of the private sector, Qatar Shell is contributing to the Government Procurement and Contracting Conference and Exhibition ‘Moushtarayat’, organized by Qatar Development Bank (QDB), to support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across Qatar.

The three-day conference and Exhibition, which finished March 11 2016, aimed to empower Qatari SMEs to contribute substantively to the local economy, an objective aligned with Qatar Shell’s strategy to promote and accelerate the development of the private sector in Qatar through the ‘SME Business Opportunities’ initiative. The Moushtarayat procurement conference aims to add significant value to all participants. SMEs will be able to identify existing business opportunities and open new markets, while local buyers will establish better dialogue with local suppliers.

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Stating Qatar Shell’s belief that local SMEs are the cornerstone for achieving a sustainable economy in Qatar, Amro Ahmed, Qatar Shell’s Local Content & SME Manager, said: “Attaining the objectives of Qatar National Vision 2030 is a key priority for Qatar Shell. As part of our efforts to reach this goal, we encourage local SMEs to bid and win contracts with Pearl GTL in 2016. We have every confidence that our participation in Moushtarayat will complement our joint efforts with QDB in supporting local SMEs and helping them succeed.”

“Through Moushtarayat, Qatar Shell and QDB aim to discover new support methods that will work towards achieving sustainable government procurement,” he continued.

During the conference, Ahmed will give a key presentation on how companies can apply to Shell’s tendering process to  become suppliers of choice to Pearl GTL, the world’s largest gas to liquids plant delivered by Qatar Petroleum and Qatar Shell. In alignment with previous ‘SME Business Opportunities’, local SMEs wishing to tender must be at least 51% Qatari-owned, with offices operating in Qatar and an annual turnover of less than QR100million.

Since May 2013, Qatar Shell, in close collaboration with QDB, has presented over 350 SMEs and entrepreneurs with specific business opportunities to encourage them to tender to become suppliers to Pearl GTL

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Of these 350, a total of 150 local SMEs have registered their interest. More than 90 SMEs were subsequently invited to tender, and 14 local SMEs have been awarded with contracts with an aggregate value of Qatari Riyals 73 million. Qatar Shell continues to provide the awarded local SMEs with ongoing and sustained support and guidance, and they are also given a period of up to 18 months to build their capability to be able handle the contract to meet Shell’s HSSE and operating standards.

In June 2016, QDB and Qatar Shell will hold the fourth annual ‘SME Business Opportunity Workshop’, where new business opportunities will be presented to local SMEs.