Posted on March 15, 2016

Qatar Shell continues to positively impact Qatar through the training and development of Qatari nationals. As an organisation with more than 300 Qatari staff holding technical and commercial positions at all levels of the company, its graduate development programme plays a substantial role, and Hussain Hejji’s career progress vividly illustrates its success. After obtaining a BSc in Business Administration, with a track in Manufacturing and Management Consulting and a minor in Sociology, from Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar, Hussain was approached by several local companies offering multiple employment opportunities. He ultimately chose to join Qatar Shell’s Finance Graduate Programme - developed to allow for integrated learning through role rotation - in July 2013.

Hussain began his journey within the organisation as a revenue and hydrocarbon accounting analyst. He then took on a more specific role as a production and sharing agreement analyst, before moving to be a Finance Advisor for Capital Projects. His job entailed managing the financials of the development projects at the Pearl Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) plant, the world’s largest GTL plant, built in partnership with Qatar Petroleum. “Pearl GTL is a vital national resource and a huge industry project, and as a Qatari I was extremely enthusiastic to be part of this amazing operation,” says Hejji.

Having already experienced various jobs that have contributed to his advanced development within Qatar Shell, Hejji was recently given the opportunity to undertake an international assignment in Norway and, from February 2016, he began working as a Planning, Appraisal and Capital Budgeting Advisor based in Stavanger, where he is responsible for coordinating and managing the Contract Board, Investment Panels, and 2016 Business Planning activities.

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The various graduate development programmes offered at Qatar Shell are designed to empower a new generation of oil and gas professionals. This strategy is part of the organisation’s dedication to supporting the Human Development Pillar of the Qatar National Vision 2030, by fostering the country’s most valued resource - its people. Qatar Shell’s graduate training focuses on the individual’s development, offering them the opportunity to travel abroad and receive internationally recognised accreditations, which for me included a Chartered Institute of Management Accountants qualification,” Hussain adds.

“Through Qatar Shell I have been fortunate to engage with many colleagues and mentors from different backgrounds who have contributed to my development, both home and away. This has supported my professional growth and the competency development I am now able to apply to any role.” “My journey at Qatar Shell so far has taken me to new and exciting places, including Norway and the Shell headquarters in The Hague, where I continually face fresh challenges that stimulate my knowledge and nurture my development,” he enthuses.

Hejji’s exposure to international best practices ensures that he is able to attain and uphold these global standards for the ultimate benefit of his home nation. “Qatar is a unique country, and one of the most rapidly developing societies in the world. Although we are very nationalistic, Qatar is also an exciting cultural melting pot,” he says. “I am ambitious by nature and plan to work extremely hard to achieve my dream of playing a role in my country’s policy making processes. I feel like my experience at Shell is equipping me to fulfil this goal, which is why I am proud to be part of an organisation that nurtures Qatari talent and supports its growth, while making real contributions to my country, because at Qatar Shell we impact Qatar together.”